Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spain, Sangria and Bing on the deck!

It was stinkin' hot here today! How hot, you say? Well, it was too hot to cruise
the Cooper with the top down, and it was even too hot to shop! So we came back
home, changed into our shorts and t-shirts, retired to the deck with ice-cold
beverages and sat under the umbrellas to chill. With our Bingee, of course!
Speaking of cold beverages... Costco has this Sangria in a box...
And every time we see it, I have to hear the story about the excursion he took to Spain
while he was in the Army, and stationed in Germany. To me, the only interesting part
of the story is the fact that we both happened to have visited the same place in Spain.
Because for many years our family spent a month each summer in the Costa Brava
region of northern Spain, specifically, Barcelona. I loved those family vacations! I
mean, I loved them after I stopped pouting about the fact that I was the only
player on my softball team selected for All-Star's who always had to pass on the
chance to play because, poor me was forced to spend a month tanning on the
beautiful beaches of Spain! Yes, I would like to smack that young-me now! 
However, despite the occasional moments of brattiness, I did know how lucky I was...
So today I broke down and brought home the Sangria! I even chopped up a bunch of red
grapes, strawberries and chunked up some pineapple and sliced up a juicy peach too!
Then I delivered ice-cold Sangria with fresh fruit to him on the deck. But
I stopped short of pouring it down his throat, like the Spanish Senoritas! 
Because this is not Costa Brava... Huh, Bingee?
Bing has gotten really comfortable wearing his harness now...
And, as long as we're outside with him, Bing's pretty happy!
But if we leave his sight, he starts to cry...
So we don't leave his sight much!
Which makes Mr. Bing very happy!
The potted plants on the deck are taking off!
I love all of these plants, but especially the Lamb's ear! 
What was that flying over our heads, Bing? Did you see it? 
Do you see the ducky? Look closely on the lawn and you'll see him...
It's seven-thirty, which means it's Ducky-dinner time!
And, after the ducks finish eating, the squirrels will clean up what's left over!
In nature, it's called Balance!
There's a lot of that going on here this evening!


  1. Love the little harness on Mr. Bing. I'll have to try that on my two. They are always stuck on the screen porch when we're in the yard.

  2. Funny how we have to get older before we appreciate things from our youth! I'm surprised *He* didn't ask for the Sangria to be poured down his throat, after all, *He* did wash your car in all that heat! LOL (I know, a bet is a bet)
    Bing is a beautiful cat!

  3. Ooops I noticed i commented on Bing on the wrong post. hee I just love him, he is taking it all in. He looks very handsome in red!

  4. He's such a cutie in his harness! I love the red against his gray fur.

    Our bunny never liked his harness, but at lest he got to go outside :-)


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