Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life is Good... Especially at Hanesbrands!

You already know that every day at work is a pretty good day for me. I feel blessed beyond measure every time I get to walk through the doors at Hanes Brands.

It's been eight years and still, every day I learn something that just blows my mind. Working at Hanes is sorta like being seven years old again. You remember that time... That time in your life when everything your mom and dad told you was awe-inspiring, and every idea shared made your eyes wide and your braincells pop with excitement. Well, that's what it's like for me every day as I work with and get to learn from the brightest and best there is in business. The people I work for are the kind of people that bring out the very best of who you are and they inspire me to over-deliver in everything I do. Frankly, I'm challenged so much because they keep setting the bar higher and higher in all that they do. The people I work for work hard and they know how to play hard too. But what sets them apart and Hanes apart as a corporation is how much more they give than they take. Which brings me to this...

The speaker at our national sales meeting today was Bert Jacobs, the co-founder and CEO of the Life is Good company. I bring this up because one of the Life is Good graphics Bert shared with us was of Rocket, (Life is Good dog) munching on a bed of flowers with the slogan, Takers eat well all day but Givers sleep well at night - Which pretty much sums up the people I work with and the company we all work for. 

Now, my bosses and others who inspire me at work won't tell you this about themselves... However, after hearing our brilliant CEO this morning remind us that Brands Matter and that at Hanes we have many great brands we have every right to be proud of, and knowing that I work for a global corporation that is the #1 apparel brand but is also a corporation equally concerned with being the leader in doing right by the world's people and the environment we all share, no matter the cost - All of this, on top of the fact that I witnessed over 500 Hanes executives and employees board buses bound for local community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Hospice House, Second Harvest Food Bank, the Children's Home and many others to volunteer their time and muscle to improving the lives of others... Well, it just made me leave work today wanting to brag on them, and Hanes Brands just a little. 
I can't tell you everything that moved me about what Bert Jacobs shared with us today - otherwise we'd be here all night... But I can tell you that his company story is worth reading and Playmakers, the Life is Good Children's charity is definitely worthy of our support... Bert's message about how important being optimistic is to how we live, the level of enjoyment we get out of life and in everything we attempt to do, struck a chord in me - and, I'm already a pretty darn optimistic girl. Remember, I drive home with the top down despite the black clouds because it isn't raining until I'm wet! 

So Life is Good. We've had the bumper stickers on vehicles we've owned over the years. I sent the one with Jake in a yoga pose to my mom the year she discovered yoga. I've got the hats and a t-shirt or ten, and I plan to buy the one with Jake in a Kayak (Go with the Flow) the day we pick up our new kayaks. But today I'm thankful to know more about the two brothers behind the Life is Good company and the company behind the charity.

I also want to share a piece of what Bert Jacobs shared with me at Hanes today with you. You see, at the end of yesterday's session we were all invited to this gift, courtesy of Jake and Rocket...

I took it to bed with me last night and read it through just before I turned off the
light. It made me smile. A lot. And, since I want you to smile too, I am offering to
send my copy to one of my readers. To enter, leave a comment telling me which of
the Life is Good slogans and/or graphics speaks to you. If you cannot pick just one,
then list several. One winner picked on Friday morning. I hope it's you. If you can't
wait to win, you can buy the book here. All profits go to the Life is Good Kid's
Foundation. Buy one or several to share. Let's spread the spirit of optimism! 

Winner is:
Al from California!

The legal stuff: I was not compensated for this post. Life is Good did not ask me to write about them, invite you to Like them on Facebook, and I didn't catch one of the cool, Life is Good disks Bert tossed out during his presentation today. I've just been a fan of the Life is Good message since I bought my first bumper sticker at Mast General Store in Boone, NC on the day we delivered the Ranger to ASU in 2006. Having heard Bert Jacobs speak today moved me to spread his message of Optimism with you - Because that's what friends do! 

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  1. Oh I just LOVE Life is Good!
    Been wearing their HAPPY tee shirts and caps for years!
    Doogan likes them too!
    Let me of my oldest~favorite Life is Good tee shirts says:
    ...I just checked...they all say Life is Good!
    One has a a hiker...and one has a snow~shoer!
    Love them all!
    LOVE Rocket too!
    I guess you could say I'm a LIFE IS GOOD kind of girl! xoxoxoxo
    And you are too!
    By the way!
    Greg wears HANES long boxer kind of underwear instead of his traditional Calvin Klein and Land's End!
    Just sayin! ;o)
    Hugs and LOVE!
    YOU inspire ME!!!!
    And I adore you for that!

  2. Me too. What Teresa said. They have a wonderful message and you are so lucky to have heard it first hand! And I too love Hanes. I'm wearing their silky black bikini right now, but you probably didn't want to know that, right? ;)

  3. I like the logo "May the horse be with you" as our home has horse lovers and star wars lovers in it. I also like the logo, Lucky dog (dog with horseshoe) as our Jennydog has been very lucky to travel the world with us as you know, home is where the Army sends you.I'm in the midst of PCS season right now so getting a book like that would just lift me from all the stress of moving.
    AL from Calif

  4. I must say that I always enjoy reading all the slogans on their products in the stores, but I have never bought anything. I love the "Hello Sunshine" slogan!

  5. What a wonderful post! Honestly, I never heard of Life Is Good until I read this and so I clicked on your link and went through their site. I love the story, I love the message and I love what they are doing for children. I'm not entering the contest but I am super excited to find out that there are three store locations just an hour away from me and the next time I'm in the city, I'm going shopping!
    You are blessed to work for a company that empowers their employees and brings such wonderful people to speak at their meetings.

  6. We really like Life is Good. My son has the baseball t-shirt and I have the Daisy Life is good t-shirt. So soft and comfy. We also are a HUGE Hanes family. Thanks for sharing your book. I love a happy story, too much sadness in the world.

  7. Hi Janet!
    My sister and brother in law LOVE the Life is Good company! I think Barry gets a new tee for Father's Day every year!
    The sweet designs on them truly remind us of how simple and Good life can be :o)
    Thank you for sponsoring this and sharing the good news about helping kids!
    I love Hanes... {my favorite and most comfortable bra ;o)
    drawers are filled with their drawers... {the computer made me write that}
    I'll check out their site for the book just the same... I'm sure it will make nice gifts and for such a good cause!
    *Blessings always*

  8. Okay, so "Takers eat well all day and Givers sleep well at night" speaks well to me. It just hits the spot. We have those Life is Good shirts and hats. I remember walking through the Venetian shops and seeing those and I thought, how simple and yet how so attracted I am to the design. I kept coming back and I came back twice just to look again but bought them on the third time. I'm definitely a Giver.

    Love you,

  9. What isn't there to like about Life is Good! I love the messages and the graphics and the colors and the whole package! We have golden retrievers and I like getting my hubby the shirts with Rocket on them.

  10. What a great message Janet!!

    Thanks for linking up!!! I featured your post in my wrap up!

  11. Lovely message, I always choose Hanes and feel confident and comfortable whenever I'm wearing Hanes apparel.


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