Sunday, August 2, 2009

You are going to Love me for this one!

And, after you see it made, you're Not going to want to wait either!

Finally, a reason to take my Pampered Chef prep bowl set out of the Closet!

All washed and ready to bake in!

After leaving out the Baking soda that one time, I've decided to set out
all of my Ingredients before I begin assembling a recipe. Something I haven't
done in thirty years of baking- But clearly a step I shouldn't miss again!

Gang's all here... Now we're Ready!

Half cup of butter (1 stick) into a bowl with four Squares of semi-
sweet baking chocolate. Microwave for one minute, until butter melts

Then whisk until all the Chocolate melts...

It's going to feel like it'll Never melt! And, just when you think
it's all Stuck up in your whisk and you might have to re-heat it...

It melts and Finally does come together!

Now, add One cup of powdered sugar. Easy... I know!

and Two tablespoons of granulated sugar too

And, whisk!

We need Two egg yolks. This excites me because I love to use
my handy Pampered Chef egg separator. I rarely use it, so when
I get to use it, I'm pretty happy about it. It's the little things...

This so beats the shell-to-shell or through the Fingers game!

Because separating eggs through my fingers is just Icky, and the
shell-to-shell game always leaves me with a Broken yolk. Or two!

But I've got this method down!

Not broken and Not icky!

So to the two Whole eggs, add the two whole Yolks!

And, whisk again! The recipe says to stir in my
flour so this is where the Whisking ends

Still can't get over it... Only 6 tablespoons of flour!

I don't believe I have ever baked a cake with Less flour in my life!

That's it! All we need for Molten lava cakes...

Off we Go!

I thought Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake was easy,
but honestly, This recipe blows that one away in terms of ease...

Scoop number two...

Two and a half scoops of cake Batter each is just right!

I put a sheet of Foil under the cakes. Because I have Trust issues. And, I don't want
to mess up my pretty Sheet pan. And, I don't want to end up Cleaning the oven today!

They are perfect! Silly me for not trusting...

These cakes Smell terrific!

I cannot Wait to see if this works - But the recipe says to leave them alone for a minute

It's been a minute! Don't try to handle
the Cakes without an oven mitt.... like I did

Get out your oven Mitt and place a plate over the cake...

And Flip it! Flip it good... Sorry. I'm a dork. But
seriously, how much do we heart-Pam?

I know there's a Surprise waiting in there for me...

There it Comes... Molten chocolate just Spills out onto the
plate with the slightest Encouragement from my spoon

It worked! I'm just amazed... I Love it when a Great recipe comes
together! And, I'll be making this one come Together again soon!

You look like you Want a bite... Don't you?

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