Friday, August 14, 2009

No cookies yet... But we're getting Closer!

Here is another reason to Love my new bench scraper... It
is Perfect for tap-settling stuff into my measuring cups!

And, its straight Edge can't be beat for leveling off!

What I was measuring is Powdered sugar. No, not for icing. For Cookies! You see,
I found this recipe for Dutch sugar cookies the other day and well, being more
than a little bit Nervous about rolling out cookies, I couldn't help but be
intrigued by the promise of a No-stick cookie dough... So we'll try it and see!

So far, so Good!

To finish, form into Disks and chill for an hour

Easy... But I'm still nervous about rolling out cookie dough!

Now, onto Bridget's vanilla-Almond cookies! She doesn't say
whether or not to Sift the dry ingredients together in her
recipe... So I'm making an executive decision here!

The almond extract makes this a Heavenly-smelling dough!

So I'm making cookies this morning... And, he knows this because he
went to the Market for me after I realized none of the Six sacks
of flour I have were right. But does that stop him from asking
me if I'm going to make him some of my Yummy cupcakes? No!

But he's going to have to Wait because I'm doubling Bridget's recipe!

Don't you worry, Cherry-bomb... Your chance to show
me what you can do to make Royal icing is coming up!

But for now we have to make him cupcakes!

He is cleaning my Pool. So it's probably the Least I can do...

Ha! What a surprise! William popped in on us!

William's always had Great timing! When he was living at home,
he'd always be First into the kitchen when the timers went off

He's not much of a Frosting guy though. He's happier without
it so I'll just pack some of these up for him to go now!

Back to work! No pink or Purple this time... I am going
straight for the Orange neon food coloring today!

Reminds me of cold Orangesicles in summer

Ready to decorate some cupcakes...

This orange makes Caution Cupcakes!

The neon-Orange is pretty but I think green is still my fav!

Cupcakes are done. Now I can get back to the Cookie-making!

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  1. You just made me want a cupcake. REALLY want a cupcake. And my husband and I were supposed to be having low calorie, fat free popsicle week this week....


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