Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thanks to Susan's recipe...

...I finally made Pizzelle cookies without the mess and Waste I encountered last November during my first try! Unfortunately, I cannot say the Pizzelle maker I ordered worked Nearly as well as Susan's recipe - So don't buy one! Here, come with me on my little Pizzelle-making adventure and let me Explain. If you're Anything like me, you'll appreciate the Happy ending!

Mixing 6 eggs and 2 cups Sugar 
Stopped everything to Whip up my fabulous
Egg salad and deliver Lunch to him out on the deck...
Back at it... Adding 1/2 pound (2 sticks) melted
butter, Cooled, to the egg/Sugar mixture
Crushing 2 teaspoons Anise seeds
Add crushed anise Seeds, anise extract and Vanilla
Sifting 7 cups of All purpose flour with 3 tablespoons Baking powder
Add flour mix to eggs and Sugar and you have Pizzelle Cookie dough. I do love it
when a Great recipe comes together and this one smells Amazing too!
I kneaded the dough by hand for a Few minutes until it was smooth
Shaped the dough into 1-inch balls and placed them onto the
Pizzelle maker misted with Pam (wiped off Excess)
The 1-inch balls I made were too small so the Cookies did not form 
completely. After I increased the Size of the dough balls and smashed them 
out a little before placing them onto the Press my cookies were the Perfect size
But here's the Problem... This Pizzelle maker did not heat Evenly and
because this model does not allow for Heat control or temp adjustment
it was Impossible to produce evenly colored Pizzelle cookies. Of all the Luck!
That issue Aside... the fact that this Recipe produced a Perfectly tasty
(and very traditional) Pizzelle cookie is all I need to call this Effort a success
because I'm happy to shop for and test Pizzelle makers until I find one I like 
I've already packed this Pizzelle maker up to ship it back tomorrow. As soon as I
I find another Pizzelle maker that works the way it Should I plan to Experiment with
with Susan's recipe. I'm thinking Orange, Lemon, Maple, Cinnamon and chocolate! 
In the Meantime, these Ugly but very tasty Pizzelles will do just Fine!

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  1. I'm full from dinner at the moment and yet...feeling oddly hungry...for cookies...


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