Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday spent Outside... again!

I have to Show you this find from our trip to Virginia yesterday! It is so cute and something I haven't seen before in Corningware. It's a sauce maker and I love it! I found it at this odd little Antique shop in Perfect, unused condition for only $15 so it was a Must-have. But not only that - it solves the problem of boil-overs in the Microwave when I make my sauces and gravies because it's the perfect size. How cool is this? 

Measurements printed inside, and it has Three pour spouts!
So cute! Cannot wait to use it...
I decided to Bake more cheater-cookies today. Of course, there would
have been Many more cookies for me to bake if someone, whom shall remain
nameless (but his Name begins with a W and ends with an illiam) didn't eat a whole
tray of raw Cookie dough last week. But what I had left to Bake turned out great! 
I pressed a little Chocolate chip into the Sugar cookies as they baked. I took a
small plate of them Outside to him in the yard and he said they were Yummy!
As the second Batch baked I went out to Explore the yard a little...
He finished building our New bridge last week so I had to try it out
Here I am looking down the Creek, standing in the middle
of his New bridge and it's holding Up just fine!
A couple of years Ago we found these Signs at an Antique shop in Raleigh.
Kinda like California's spotted Owl keeps Developers away, we thought maybe
these signs will keep North Carolina developers far, far away from Our land...
Otherwise, they're just fun Signs we hung on a Couple of our trees - Ha!
That tree Facing the arbor sure does Look different
from the other Side of my creek, huh?!
I love this Big, old Oak tree
and look at its Mossy sock!
From bottom to top, this Oak is truly a Gorgeous tree!
And, because while I wandered through our
forest he Hopped onto his mower to turn This view...
into This one, I think he deserve a little Snack!
You know, if I ignore the Naked trees, it almost Looks like spring!
Well, maybe not Spring. But you know what I mean... I LOVE my Lawn!
I almost Hate to go Back into the house... But he's hungry so I must!
I think a few Cold, cooked shrimp tossed with Cilantro, shallots, Lime and garlic
with a bit of warm, French baguette and a couple of slow cooked barbecue Ribs 
should do it. After all, my master-Gardener cannot live by Cheater cookies alone!

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