Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not your Average tourist!

This made me laugh out loud this morning and caused a fair amount of orange juice to shoot out my nose! I love Martha Stewart (probably more than I should) and this is why:

I decided to go to Iceland because a friend, Dorrit Mousaieff, who is married to the President of Iceland, has been telling me what an amazing country it is. I worked with Dorrit to learn about what to see on our intense, busy, and crowded five-day trip to this smallest Scandinavian country. I hired Luxury Adventures Iceland to provide a driver. We were given a wonderful young man, Karl Olafsson, a project manager, who made sure that we saw as much as we could and experienced as much as possible in the allotted time. Karl had access to several vehicles that were especially chosen for the terrain to be covered. He was also a very accomplished and well-educated guide. He knew the country, its history, and geography very well. We stayed in the capital city, Reykjavik, in a private guest house for five days, with one day spent in the North. We got to see a wonderful sampling of the country’s diversity. This is my first day’s blog, with more to come.

Okay, so maybe it's just me; but I think the line: I decided to go to Iceland because my friend is married to the President of the Country is a scream! I can totally see Martha saying that, with a Straight face, of course! It's precisely this kind of thing that makes me Love her so much. She's not your Average tourist, that's for Sure! Martha and I aren't that different really... Because while Martha travels Iceland in a manner no ordinary Citizen or tourist ever could, I won't go to Disneyland unless I'm issued what they call the Backstage pass, which allows everyone in your party to Skip all of the lines. It's how in March of 1995, we were able to ride the then brand new, Indiana Jones Adventure (Temple of the Forbidden Eye) ride eight times in a row while the regular Hooples stood in line for Hours just to have one Go at the 3 minute ride. So take that, Martha!

Any way, it's Wednesday and our dearest Martha Stewart has provided me my First good chuckle of the day... Surely not to be my last Today, and certainly worth Sharing with you!

To learn more about Martha's fantastic Icelandic adventure, don't forget to visit her Blog!

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