Friday, August 8, 2008

Better jeep is Here!

Picked up the better-Jeep for William today. AAMCO called (too early) this morning to say it was ready to go so we Popped over to Greensboro to pick it up after lunch. Since it had been sitting at AAMCO all week I stopped on the way home to wash it so it would make a Good impression on William when I pulled into the driveway. The only problem I could find with this Jeep was the gobs of french fries and discarded Happy meal toys I found under the back seat. Until I saw it today I didn't know it is a V8, that's another upgrade for William - I love it!

I had to laugh when I reviewed the maintenance records in the console because it's Clear these people drove their dealership crazy! There are 17 pages (since 1999) of nit-picky stuff they complained about and took the Jeep in for service under their warranty. Customer states driver door is noisy. Customer states radio won't tune to 101.3. Customer states heater is too warm. And my favorite: Customer states there is a small bump in passenger seat leather upholstery. Really! I think there's a Service advisor at Crown Jeep thanking his lucky Stars that these people finally sold it. There are records to show the dealership, "refreshed" the paint every six months too and I say, Good for me!

AAMCO did a great job and Don and Gary there couldn't have been Nicer to me. When I called to ask how much the transmission would cost so I could be sure the Seller was deducting the correct amount from their asking price (they actually understated it by $400 so good for Me for calling to check their story!) Gary promised it would not go over $1,800.00. Well, it turned out that in the end, with everything it needed, the bill came to a little under $2,200.00 but since Gary quoted a cap of $1,800.00, that's all they charged me. Because of that I agreed to purchase the 3-year extended warranty. I know that helped the guys because AAMCO wants them to sell warranties. And, for $290 I get three years of piece of mind. So any way, William now has a better Jeep. And, I love that it doesn't even have a door ding on it! As you know, I'm a huge Fan of perfect!

Oh! By the way... Julio and Catalina resurfaced today. Yes! Just as I was finished washing the Jeep, Mrs. Thomas called (our Notary in the forest) to say they were standing in her Trailer and, don't want the Jeep any more. What!? I told her I didn't understand why they Brought that problem to her door and to remind them we have what I spelled out in English and in Spanish as being an, "As-is" deal. Mrs. Thomas came back to the line a few minutes Later to say what they actually wanted was not to have the Title in their name any more. Oh. So I asked what that had to do with me... Mrs. Thomas said they were there to transfer the title to Catalina's brother because she couldn't register the Jeep in her name. Long story short, they wanted to avoid having to pay the DMV to get a title in Catalina's name and wanted ME to dash over there to sign an affidavit of Lost Title and then have poor Mrs. Thomas notarize it and fill out some other DMV form that allows me to transfer title without the title I transferred to Catalina over to Catalina's brother thereby side-stepping Catalina's obligation to go through the DMV process (and pay fees) to get a title in her name. Follow all that? Me either, which is why I said, No thank you! I mean really... I got out of bed earlier than I wanted to today on my day off to fulfill my DMV obligations on both Jeeps. I turned in the license plate for the Jeep they bought, and I bit the bullet and Registered the better Jeep, which cost me another $200, even though William won't be driving it until he goes to work. That's another $200 on top of the $179 I paid in February to transfer the title from Church-Seller into my name and to register that Jeep, and no one ever drove it! Also, since I signed my title over to Catalina and got a DMV receipt today for the plate I turned in for that Jeep, I am not legally the owner any more and can't sign anything... I told Mrs. Thomas that signing an affidavit saying I'm selling the Jeep today to someone else is not something I believe the Law would appreciate from me or from Her. And, hello!? I couldn't find Mrs. Thomas out there in the Sticks again if I tried! No thank you... I told Mrs. Thomas to tell Catalina and Jose to go to the DMV and pay their fees to have a new title issued in her name. And, when they get that title back, Mrs. Thomas can certainly invite them back as her Customers to notarize the transfer to Whomever it is that might be able to register the Jeep for Catalina and Jose. Mrs. Thomas phoned me a few hours ago to say she was Very happy for my advice to her because they wouldn't Go away until she Called me. Can you imagine? Some people!

Better Jeep:

I did Good!

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