Monday, June 23, 2008

I showed up and Passed!

Seems I wasn't the only one thinking about how to opt out of today's final cake decorating class because half the class didn't show up! No... really! Karen, our instructor said they all, "chickened out." She also said this happens quite a bit. Hum... But I showed up (because I could not let this beat me!) and while I'm not at all reconsidering my decision to check this off my list of things to do twice, I will say that I am glad I took the class. I always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes and now I know that with $100 in cake decorating tools, enough patience, time and icing, I can do it. Still doesn't mean I want to though!

My finished cake:
All the elements are there!
Roses, drop flowers, leaves, shell and ribbed borders...
Miss. Karen
Everyone taking photos tonight got the same pose and look!
A very pretty Daisy cake
Beautiful cake - Great message!
Such a funny lady! She cracked me up because every time
Karen told us to switch to another tip or pull out a tool 
this lady would say that she didn't see a need to buy that.
She often commented that I seemed to have bought
everything and asked me several times if I planned to go
into business decorating cakes after our class was over... Ah, 
NO! She usually came to class without any icing or she'd 
bring what looked like the same icing several weeks in a row,
and then ask Karen why it was either too runny or lumpy. 
She also said she didn't want to invest in too many colors.
And, I worried that I complained out loud too much... Ha!
This lady has had lots of practice - this was her fourth 
cake decorating class and it shows! She told me she 
started making her roses last Tuesday. Wow! 
Very nice!

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