Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Public Enemy #1

Okay, it's taken me a few days to get over Sunday's loss to the Eagles... But I'm over it now and looking forward to Saturday's game in Charlotte.

So what was the reason Tony Romo had his WORST game ever (really, worst ever...) after playing so spectacularly all these weeks? Two words: A GIRL! A Yoko-Romo, if you will.

Seems that Mr. Romo's head's been turned by Jessica Simpson. Blech! Obviously allergic to anonymity, Jessica couldn't just sit in the corner and watch the game. She had to display herself wearing a pink #9 (Romo) jersey at every opportunity. Kinda lame since they've been dating what?... all of two weeks? And, where was she when Tony was just the back-up for Bledsoe? Interesting how much attention a 67-million dollar contract will buy a man with Ms. Simpson-Lachey-Simpson. No, I'm not riding in, or driving the bitter bus... Troy was the last Cowboy that did it for me, so this truly isn't personal.

Any way, the Boys come to Carolina this Saturday night and I'll be watching from the comfort of the little sports grille we found since the game is only being televised on NFL network. Now if only someone could make sure Jessica gets confusing directions to Charlotte; after all, it can't take much to confuse her, given the whole North and South thing! Cut break lines would work too - whatever it takes to rid my team of Public Enemy #1!

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