Sunday, December 9, 2007

Doing what I can to love Winter!

I am such an obvious lover of Spring... When it's green or blooming I'm a smiling, happy girl! Unless winter promises lots of snow I really see no reason for the leaves to fall off the trees at all...

It's a big job to be patient while the approximately 15,000 flower bulbs and hundreds of trees on our property sleep, or more properly stated by my landscape expert, (aka, the man I love) rejuvenate. Yesterday he helped add a little color to our forest through the use of these lighted mesh trees. Very sweet, but I'm thinking it may take a few hundred more given the size of our forest; and, since it was 70 degrees yesterday and Spring is a solid four months away, Mr. every-season-is-beautiful-in-its-own-way, might be hanging faux leaves on the trees soon.

Nevertheless, I'm doing what I can to love Winter in North Carolina. I don't mind tell you though, winter without snow is a tough season to love!

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  1. Janet, You have a beautiful place in the spring - If I were you I would have a hard time waiting around while the plants sleep. I'm right there with you about winter. Unless we've got some pretty snow, what's the use? Definitely a fellow spring-lover here. I'm enjoying your blog.

    Pam Rowe


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