Sunday, April 10, 2022

May the Peace and Generosity of Palm Sunday be with You!

Wow!... It has been a minute, has it not?
For those (the one person) that still follow my blog, I apologize; however, shortly after Ranger left the Army in '14, I discovered Instagram and have been posting our adventures there. If you still wish to follow along, you can find me on Instagram via BarefootFarmGirlNC

As always, there is a story... this time it involves leaving my job with Hanes after 17 years due to the pandemic, believing being laid off was a sign from God to move close to Ranger in Texas and closer to my parents in Monterey... Then, actually selling our beloved gardens and the house that came with them and moving to Texas! Oh, but the adventure did not stop there... Texas hated us and let us know and we did not care much for its lack of trees and seasons, so we moved back to North Carolina at the end of 2020 to embark on a year-long effort to recreate the gardens (and bathrooms) of Wessex and somehow turn this new house into one we could love enough to stay for a while. I am pleased to say we are making terrific progress... As you can see from the  photo above, which is of the new garden fountain installed just last week. 

So... For more on that and other stuff, if we are not already in touch via my Instagram page, I would be delighted for you to make contact again real soon.

Today is Palm Sunday and I am feeling particularly grateful... I set up my Oma's Easter tree in this house for the first time last night so I am feeling the spirit of renewal and possibility...
I wish you the Peace of Palm Sunday and Easter too!
So what has brought me to this lonely Blog of mine? (and, may I just say, SUPER confusing new editing dashboard!) Well, it is to let you know about something that happened to my dearest friend David, someone featured quite regularly here on my blog during my cookie-creating days... You know and remember David as the inspiring and gentle soul who writes and publishes the amazing blog: GoodThingsByDavid - However, before I go any further, David and his husband remain happy and well; however, David's beloved mother and father lost everything in a terrible fire the other day, including their darling feline companion, Trixie. By God's mercy and love, David's mother was rescued and his father was out of the house; therefore, they are safe, albeit forever scared and impacted by the loss of their beautiful Los Angeles home and personal belongings, including a 1973 truck in the garage, which David's father drove to bring David home from the hospital when he was born. The inventory of things lost forever is too long to list but I am asking for help by referring you to the GoFundMe page established to assist David and his parents recover (at least monetarily) from this terrible tragedy. Any amount is appreciated and everything given from the heart grows exponentially when we come together. 

I pray you and those that love you are well and, that you will consider helping David by donating or sharing the news of his GoFundMe with others you know.


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