Saturday, June 7, 2014

Farmers' Market Burgers... Served Poolside!

A couple of weeks ago, this month's issue of Saveur magazine
reminded me that it's been too long since I've grilled burgers!
So this morning I made a bee-line for the beef guy at Cobblestone, the
Farmers' Market at Old Salem! Then, I came home and made my sweetie
a little lunch... With our favorite Farmer's Garden pickles, of course!
Then we went shopping because one of my sweet Facebook
buddies mentioned that Martha Stewart's discontinued pantry
items for JCPenney are now showing up at Home Goods!
Although the selection was thin, I was so happy to find it!
So happy in fact that I bought it all!
After shopping, it was finally burger time!
And, although I'm not following Hemingway's burger
recipe from Saveur, I think my burgers are just as good!
Just find the freshest, local, grass-fed/organic beef you can find,
add 1/4 cup plain bread crumbs, (to 1.5 pounds beef) one egg, 2
cloves fresh garlic, minced and cracked black pepper and sea salt!
Mix it all together, form into patties and then salt and pepper a bit more!
Oh, and top with a pat of butter to finish!
Just as I was about to fire up the grill, I received an invitation I couldn't refuse!
After all, I love Tom Cruise! But seriously,
following the movie, it really was burger time!
When I grill burgers I prefer to use my grill griddle first because
it eliminates flare-ups and helps keep my burgers in one piece!
Not to mention that my griddle is the perfect way to prepare my onions!
Our container garden here on the deck has taken off! Just look at this
Supertunias Petunia I received at our lunch with P. Allen Smith!
Now that my onions are going, it's time to start my burgers!
This combination smells amazing!
I let my burgers cook 10 minutes on each side, flip only once and never smush them!
It's a beautiful evening for burgers!
Will you look at this... The smell of my burgers
is calling the wildlife right out of the forest!
Peek-a-Boo, I see you in my garden!
Come here... I have a toasted hamburger bun for you!
There ya go...
Now, where was I? Burgers, right! After they cooked to a perfect medium and no
longer threatened to fall apart, I moved them to the grates for caramelization and
grill marks. Then, to finish, I transferred my burgers to a plate, topped with cheese
and covered with a pot lid until the cheese was all melty... Then I dressed them up
with grilled onions, other goodies and served them with mom's noodle salad!
Poolside, of course!


  1. My mouth is absolutely drooling right now. That burger looks amazing and I can't wait to try your Mom's macaroni salad!

  2. What could be better than homemade burgers by the pool. No wonder Army Dad loves you so much! xx

  3. Your burgers are every bit as delectable as the burger photo in Saveur, possibly more! Nothing like the smell of grilling onions to make your stomach growl! :) p.s. Your backyard is amazing!

  4. Your burger is every bit as delectable as the burger in Saveur, probably more! Nothing like the smell of grilling onions to make the stomach growl! p.s. Your backyard is amazing!


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