Saturday, April 6, 2013

Twin City Stage presents 12 Angry Men!

When I received an e-mail from a friend asking if I could create cookies for the cast
of our local theatre production of 12 Angry Men I immediately said No. I mean, I
was knee-deep in egg-hunt themed party bunny cookies and the request I
have on calendar for 100 sunshine cookies has been keeping me awake at night
for two months... However, I love community theatre almost as much as I love
my friends - Plus, knowing my Hollywood connection for printed icing sheets
would be willing to come through for me again helped turn my No into a Yes!
Of course, the first step in any cookie project is to ensure you
have the correct and, the best copper cookie cutter available. For
me that means calling my friends at!
Because when it says Braman on the side, I know I'm using an
heirloom-quality copper cookie cutter that will never fail me!
Crisp, perfect cuts every time. And, because I freeze my cookie cut-
outs for 10 minutes before I bake them, there's virtually no spread!
After seeing Bridget's edible image cookies a few years ago I
quickly ordered a printer, edible inks and icing sheets so that I could
create my own image cookies. Then I second-guessed myself and talked
myself out of any confidence I might have originally had to do it. I never
opened the printer box and, ended up giving it away. The ink cartridges
finally expired and the icing sheets dried up so I threw them all away!
So just like last time, I picked up the phone and called my California
connection, the amazing Jenny of Signature Sweet Shoppe! You may
remember that Jenny also created the edible image sheets I used for the
600 cookies I created to support Aveda's earth month campaign
I called Jenny because clearly, I don't believe I'm capable of creating icing
sheets on my own. And, since my friend offered to pay me for creating these
cookies, I thought it would also be nice to share the income with a fellow
cookie-maker I love. Because I'm all about sharing the love. And, the cash!
This chunky pearlized sanding sugar from is perfect! I
was told it makes it took like there are lightbulbs going off around the
image... Which coincidentally is exactly what I meant for it to look like!
Jenny did an great job with the images... Again! One day I hope to figure
it out. But for now, when I need edible icing sheets, I'm calling Jenny!
I was originally asked to deliver these cookies to the cast party unwrapped...
But I couldn't resist creating custom tags!
I even incorporated a quote from the play!
Besides, packaging the cookies ensures there will
be no damage and allows people to take them home!
The best part of this project was the e-mail I received this morning
letting me know that my cookies were a huge hit and tasted great!
Just the critic's review I was hoping for!
If you want to read this morning's review of the play, click here!
If you live in the area, I strongly suggest you
visit Twin City Stage and get your tickets soon! 


  1. Thanks Janet!!! I love the theatre.. and your cookies!! Everyone I know loved them.

  2. Thanks Janet!! I love community theatre.. and your cookies!!! I know that this was a perfect personal touch in thanking all of the tireless volunteers! You are the best!

  3. You are awesome and have a heart of gold. You always bring happiness to


  4. hmmmm...this gets me thinking that I may have to order some of your wonderful cookies for our opening night party; I'm in 'Dearly Beloved' next month and would love to bring heart cookies. I'll facebook message you.

  5. These are show-stoppers! The sanding sugar gives them the perfect finishing touch!


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