Sunday, January 6, 2013

More Birthday Presents!

In my hunt for Martha by Mail items, I stumbled across this on etsy!
In its original box too!
But even better than finding a Martha by Mail recipe box in absolute
perfect condition and, still in original packaging was meeting etsy
seller, Margaret Mackie.  No, this item was not originally sent
wrapped in perfectly folded pink tissue paper with a thank you
sticker... And, it certainly didn't include this personalized card
Margaret includes just for her buyers. That's all Margaret!
Have you ever received such kindness from an Internet seller?
I moment I saw it listed at Margaret's etsy shop I knew I had to have it!
I think it's perfect to hold the blogger business
cards I ordered to carry with me to Mixed!
If you're looking for vintage treasures sent with sincere thanks for
your purchase, you can't do any better than I did with Margaret!
Another birthday gift came in the mail for me yesterday but
it's from my mom and dad. I want to share this because what
my mom wrote on the envelope of their card not only brought
tears to my eyes, it also reminded me of a conversation I had
with our youngest son when he was just seven years old...
On our way home from school one day he
asked, Mom when do I stop being a kid?
To which I replied, Never... Because you'll always be
my kid, even when you're forty-seven years old!
Forty-seven? that's too old to be your kid, he said. And, I
said, Nope! You're never too old to be your mom's kid!

Thanks mom... I'll never be tired of being your kid!

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  1. Did you see all the Martha's cutters that are on e-bay today? XOXO


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