Monday, February 20, 2012

Out of the Blue...

It began snowing yesterday!
I have been waiting for it to snow since last November!
By dinnertime it began to look like it might amount to something!
Just before bedtime I took another look around outside...
I really liked what I saw!
In my opinion, the landscape gets prettier and
more interesting when it's covered in snow!
Cousin It always looks especially gorgeous in the snow!
Too bad we took the lights off him last week...
It's also too bad I took the electric
mattress cover off the bed last week too!
In my defense... It was almost seventy degrees last
week, and I was in full-on Spring cleaning mode!
We weren't promised too much more snow overnight, and since it's
supposed to reach 55 degrees today I rushed outside early this morning...
Just to ensure I didn't miss this beautiful view!
Trust me...
It is not 55 degrees out here!
It is C-O-L-D!
Two days ago I drove the Mini to Whole Foods with the top down!
I saw cherry trees in full bloom downtown!
But clearly, winter wasn't done with us yet!
Which is just fine with me!
Because I love a little snow with my winter. It's essential!
In fact, I wouldn't be unhappy at all if we had a few more snow events this season!
As long as they hurry and get here before
my trees and flowers start blooming!
Because there was too much effort put into
planting three thousands flower bulbs last fall...
Not to have the benefit of all that beautiful color...
Not to mention a bunch of vases full of cut flowers!
This pretty little snow event aside... I fully expect to
see this old dogwood tree blooming in a few weeks!
But for now...
I'm going to enjoy the snow!
Since the office is closed for President's Day
today it couldn't have come at a better time!
I don't even regret not sleeping in on my day off...
I always enjoy being up with the sun!
But since my fingers are frozen, I do think we need to move this walk along...
Because I want to get around to the bird feeders before my toes go numb!
And, trust me...
We are almost there now!
Thankfully, I filled all the feeders last night...
So there's no shortage of birds this morning!
I didn't even notice the second bird
while taking this shot! Do you see it?
Such sweet tweets!
All this posing for me... Obviously, I'm being
rewarded for filling the feeders last night!
Okay, old man winter... This was a wonderful surprise...
And, I am grateful. But now that I can
no longer feel my toes, I think I'm over it!
Onto Spring we go!


  1. Amen! I love snow too-and haven't had quite enought yet! =)

  2. My first comment was "beautiful" but that isn't a strong enough word.

    How about...Absolutely spectacular photos!

  3. What a lovely place to be, thanks for sharing.

  4. What a lovely site. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely pictures - as always! I love to look at snow when I am toasty warm inside. We don't see much of it down my way, but we got some last year. That'll hold me for a while. I had 2 snowy winters when I lived near Asheville and shoveling was horrible. But again, love to look at the pictures of it and your yard looks lovely in white!

  6. Lovely photos. I especially love the birds. Everything shuts down here in South Texas the few times it snows!

  7. Amazing photos.... I love your blog and when I read it I feel like I am standing right beside you and talking to me. :)

  8. Had I known how much you enjoy the snow I could have sent you down a few (hundred) truckloads! Seriously, the landscape is gorgeous, your photographs are beautiful and I'm sure by tomorrow it will all be gone in your area. So nice that you took all these shots, the cardinals are stunning aren't they?


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