Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just when I thought I was going to Lose it!

So the past few weeks have been a bit tough around here for your favorite Army Mom...
Oh, it looked like I was humming right along without a care in the world... Creating
cookies to thank the Ranger's orthodontist, planning and executing a full remodel
of the living room I've been ignoring since the boys left home, and holding down
the dream job. But on the inside it was a different story... I was about to Spew! 
You see, it'd been three weeks since we'd heard anything from the Ranger and
every day the feeling that something wasn't right grew stronger. So I ran away...
First, to mountains and our neighbor's fabulous cabin. Then to Charleston!
quiet the feeling that our soldier was out there missing us as much as we were
missing him. And the dreams... I was dreaming about him practically every
night. Vivid, memorable dreams. In the most memorable dream, we were
sitting at the dinner table listening to him tell us about his day. Wearing his
first-grade Catholic school uniform, he went on and on about the great day
he'd just had - Just like he used to do. Blond hair reflecting sunlight, which
always made him look like he was wearing either a crown or halo. His pale
blue eyes dancing with glee as every word filled the room with sweetness. I
woke up that morning and immediately told Army Dad about my dream, and
about how much I needed to hear that voice again. Then last Wednesday we
received a letter. It could not have been more unexpected or more welcome!
It's 7-pages, front and back and was written over a period of one week. When
Army Dad called to tell me about it, I begged him to bring it over to my office
so that I could read it for myself. It took me an hour and a half to read it, but
it only took a few seconds to realize that the day I dreamt about him at the
dinner table telling us about his wonderful day was the day our Ranger was
recording the pain of his lowest point. The simulated stress, sleep and food
deprivation, coupled with a case of trench foot that required attention from
medics, confirmed everything my heart already knew. So when I reached
the part of the letter where he indicated they would be allowed an 8-hour
pass on Friday between phases of Ranger School, I packed the bags!
We drove 1,100 miles for eight hours with him. There are only two words for that... 
 Worth It!
First stop was a gas station for Kit-Kat bars,
gummi bears and one Monster energy drink 
Then he wanted pancakes. Three different varieties, twelve
pancakes total. He kept the waitress at iHop hopping!
After he ate, we watched our Ranger drop over $700.00 in less than two hours
to fulfill a second RS packing list. This training will cost him over $3k of his own
money - and, he says it's worth every penny. I won't argue with him; however, I do
wish the 15 pairs of socks on the list could be Hanes... And, a bit less expensive!
While Ranger organized his gear and finished his laundry, Army Dad
and I cleared out of our hotel and then picked up a small pizza at Mellow
Mushroom to take back to him at the barracks. As his buddies were all
leaving to attend the semi-annual Ranger ball last night, our Ranger
shaved his perfect little head, put on his uniform, loaded his duffel bags
and then ate cold pizza on the ride back to RS. And then, just as suddenly
as it had begun, his 8-hour pass expired and we had to say good-bye again
We'll see you in September at graduation... In the meantime,
and always... Know that you carry with you my heart!


  1. A mom knows when something is going on with her child. (I don't care how old that child is:)!!!
    God bless your ranger and you too mom. I pray for you to have a measure of peace.

  2. This post brought tears to my eyes. You and I have much in common....and I feel a special bond to you, Janet. Thanks for putting your thoughts and life in a blog to partner up with the rest of us that experience some of the same kind of stuff. Big hugs to you. :)

  3. When my brother was in Vietnam, my mom dreamed about him. All week she had a feeling that something wasn't right. And at the end of the week she heard that he'd gotten his thumb jammed in his M-16 and was seriously hurt. I definitely believe in mother's intuition. So glad you got to see the Ranger! I'd drive 1100 miles, too!

  4. Glad y'all got to spend time with your son!

  5. Hi Janet! Oh this is such a touching post... I only have an inkling of what this must be like... Having a son working in Austin 1,800 miles away certainly is tough, but it is not the same as your sacrifice... or Brandon's.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do as an Army mom. you have my ♥

    Janet, I also visited your Charleston post. What a wonderful vacation! What an inn that is! I'll have to put your post in my favorites, if Chris and I ever end up driving that way, it looks like the place to stay!
    Your sunset kayaking photos are amazing! You should post one of those for Sky Watch Friday!
    Beautiful ~ so peaceful and relaxing just to look at it in photos!
    I wish you more summer joys and more Ranger letters ♥
    God bless you * Maria

  6. I am so glad you got to visit. It is such a heart-warming story.

  7. I'm so so glad you got to spend some time with Brandon even if it was for only 8 hours. I've been thinking about you lately, I emailed you a couple weeks ago and never heard from you. I hope you're okay.

  8. Your writing makes me feel as if I am in your shoes. This brought tears to my eyes. May God's protective and loving hands wrap around your ranger son and keep him safe today and always.
    PS I enjoy your site so much.


  9. I was afraid to read the rest of the post after I got to the part about receiving the letter. I did read on and was so happy to hear that despite all the food problems, training stress etc., your son is doing O.K. and that you were able to make the long trip out to spend some much needed and precious time with him. It did all of you a world of good I know.
    Just as I know you are all counting down the days to graduation. All of your hearts will burst with pride on that day. Best wishes to your son, he may be a man (and a very handsome one at that) but he will always be your little boy and you should always little to your heart when it comes to your is never misses a beat.

  10. What a beautiful young man. I'm glad he has a great family.


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