Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting old sucks...

I couldn't figure out why, after an hour in the oven,
my apple Butterbraid wasn't browning... I read the recipe
instructions three times. I saw, 225 for 22-27 minutes
Then I put on my reading glasses... And, bumped up the oven to 325!


  1. If you tell me YOU made that I am PASSING~OUT!
    Putting on GLASSES to see everything is such a PAIN!
    I have to put on my GLASSES to ENJOY seeing my MEAL!
    Now that's BAD!
    Hugs and kisses and SWEET wishes to YOU my FRIEND!

  2. we LOOOVE Butterbraids, I haven't seen anyone selling them in years!!!

  3. Oh, no, Teresa! Can't take credit... It's a thaw/rise and bake Butterbraid I purchased to help a friend at work with a fundraiser for her bowling league.

    I'm still jamming along on my CLEAN program so I'm not baking from scratch like I once did - But as you well know, our husbands still love their desserts... So this was the answer tonight! Happy to do it... But it took FOREVER because I just REFUSE to wear my reading glasses!

    I had PRK corrective laser eye surgery in 1999 and have been SOOOO happy without glasses/contacts that I just don't want to give in. But what happened tonight is a lesson that I may no longer have a choice!

    ♥You, dear friend,


  4. TidyMom...

    I've never heard of them at all... However, a few weeks ago a woman at work was selling them to benefit her bowling league... If you google Butterbraid you can buy them on-line.

    If you cannot find it I can give you the information from the back of the package.

    Love to you!

  5. I just had my 60th Birthday
    and I look and feel wonderful!


  6. As you know the doctors cannot correct aging eyes.

    People over 40 that have 20/20 vision just hate the fact they
    have to put glasses on their nose.

  7. Ha ha, sounds like I'm in good company:) Well, the temperature change must have worked because it looks BEAUTIFUL, Janet!

  8. Welcome to the group of folks who keep a pair of reading glasses in the kitchen.

  9. I used to have to wear reading glasses to see the morning paper, now I can't read anything without them. If I forget them when I go shopping I can't read the price tags! Such a pain.
    My husband had laser eye surgery years ago and was delighted with the results. He does require glasses when reading however.

  10. love the steiff cuties from w-s!

  11. Ok, that looks beautiful. I'm going to have to look into the Butterbraid thing. Why can't the kids in my neighborhood sell that for a fundraiser? Sure beats wrapping paper and candles!

  12. I always tell my in-laws, you know when you're getting old, when you have to take OFF the glasses to see. Cracks me up!


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