Friday, May 7, 2010

I found them!

Remember last weekend when I told you that I was on the hunt for a Birdhouse in this posting, Here? Well, I just couldn't let it go... So I contacted our local newspaper on Tuesday to enlist their help finding the lovely people that used to sell Handcrafted birdhouses in our area. Turns out, my question was Perfect for the Journal's Ask Sam column!

The wonderful, Melissa Hall at the Journal took down exactly my question, and the next morning, I saw this in the paper!

By ASK SAM – Journal Columnist
Published: May 5, 2010
For the birds

A caller is turning to SAM's readers for help in finding the couple who for several years sold bird feeders and birdhouses from their pickup along Robinhood and Yadkinville roads. The caller would like to buy a birdhouse but has not seen the couple this year.

If you know how to reach them, e-mail or write to SAM, and we will pass along the information.

And... The next morning I found a reply published just for me!

Posted by (BeeGracious) on 05/05/2010 at 01:13 pm
Contact information for Handcrafted Birdhouses and Bird Feeders as seen on our truck around town and Old Yadkinville Road. Remember Mother's Day this Sunday May 9.
Phone contact ~ 336-577-8361
e-mail ~
etsy store:
Thanks for your interest in our Birdhouses and Feeders ~ we appreciate YOU!


Frankie and I chatted this morning and I'm thrilled to report that not only will she and I meet tomorrow so that I can finally add one of her Beautiful birdhouse creations to our Garden, she also told me she's received Many calls since my question was posted in the newspaper, so they are bringing their business Back to our area!

Next to my wish to have Brandon home safe, sound and Soon, this just about completes my Mother's Day!


  1. Yeah!
    I wanna be a birdie!
    And live in that bird MANSION...
    in YOUR lovely GARDEN!
    And dive in the pool and splash around every day!
    I just KNOW I'd love it there!

  2. aw yay! Ask and you shall receive.


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