Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tweaked to Perfection!

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. So here goes...
Hi, my name is Janet and I cannot stop buying candles. Now, for a little oath to
confirm my resolve to change... I, state-your-name, do solemnly swear not to buy
another candle, no matter how fantastic the scent or sale. Whew... I feel so much
better now! But seriously, what do you think of my new console table!?... I, love it!
It all happened so unexpectedly! We were in Greensboro this afternoon car-shopping
with the Ranger, not furniture shopping at all! He located a BMW M Coupe he
wanted to test drive, and on the way back, to give him a little time to ponder the
deal, we stopped at our favorite antique mall. We always find the nicest things
at prices too low to believe. I work with several ladies at the dream job that have
booths there, and I always find that all vendors are willing to negotiate any offer
you want to make. Oh, and there isn't a nicer person to work with than Rhonda who
is always happy to make those calls! I tried really hard to make this console table
from Pottery Barn work, but I had to finally admit that it really was just too short!
 Propping things up on boxes so they can be seen from the
other side of the sectional just wasn't going to work for me!
I needed five more inches, and this console table delivered!
It's solid wood, very heavy, and a deal too! It was marked $389 but I asked Rhonda
to phone the dealer for their best price. I was pretty happy with the response, which
was $300, but you know the rule... He who names price first loses. So I told her to tell
the dealer that at $275 I'd take it tonight - And, they accepted! Squee! Know what else
I love? These hurricanes! While Rhonda called about the table, I took another look
around and found them calling my name from a tiny booth in the rear of the store!
Marked: Handcrafted in Portugal for Great City Traders, San Francisco 94103.
They are heavy! And, at $36 for the pair, they were so obviously meant for me!
I immediately saw them filled with this pumpkin and gourd potpourri I picked up at
Pottery Barn a few years ago, and I cannot wait to fill them with vintage Christmas
ornaments next month! These hurricanes are what I call year-round decorators! I
see them filled with Easter eggs in Spring and seashells in the Summer! Perfect in
the living room, on the dinner table or outside by the pool. I could also use just
one on the cocktail table as a centerpiece. The possibilities are truly endless!
No more propping things up on boxes! And, best of all, this new console cannot be
seen from the door or while you're sitting on the sectional! All you see is what you
want to see. By the way, someone e-mailed me last week asking what's in the frame
on the table... It's an original, 1985 White House Christmas Card sent by then
President Ronald, and Mrs. Reagan. We picked it up at the Reagan Library during
our trip home last December for our 25th anniversary and Christmas. We were
married in 1985, we love President Reagan, so it's now part of our holiday decor!
So. To recap... At a third of the cost of the Pottery Barn console, and considering
that I put something old back into use again... I would say I did pretty darn well!
Oh, and in case you're wondering about how this console
table compares to the one from Pottery Barn in terms of storage...
It's Better! The center cabinet with the door slides out, and so do the two wine
cubby-hole boxes. I left one in to show you, but I've since removed it because I'm
able to store more without them. The center cabinet with the door stays though!
Because it hides my candle shopping addiction perfectly!
And, so do the drawers!
I said in this post that I was putting the finishing touches on my little
living room project with the addition of the gas-log fireplace this
week. But tonight, with the addition of this better, taller, repurposed
console table, I feel like all my tweaking has finally paid off... Big time! 


  1. I can *hear* the excitement in your voice. So happy for you that you found the perfect console table. It looks great and I love all the storage room. Yes, those hurricane lamps are definitely year 'round decorating items.

    P.S. I'm not a candle shop-aholic but if you find yourself me, I'll talk you back into recovery :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as you celebrate in your beautiful home.
    P.P.S. I expect to see a post of the Ranger's newly acquired BMW very soon. LOL

  2. Nice console and the storage area for your candles works so well.

    I really like the sea shell.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. are you sure you don' want to spend your savings on more candles?? lol your table looks great I like! Did the Ranger find a car he likes?

  4. OMG I thought I was the only one who had that problem... but you really do too! lol. :)



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