Friday, June 27, 2014

Le Creuset Chicken Pot Roast!

As I biked this morning thinking about how to top the pot roast I
made last weekend, I decided that only a whole chicken would do!
So as soon I I got home I got to work picking my herbs from
the garden! I know I say this about all the seasons but I do truly
love this time of year for all the wonderful things in our garden!
As you can see, the bees are busy helping our cucumbers come along!
And those Mortgage Lifter tomatoes are coming along just fine too!
Looks like our strategy of growing more than our
friendly raccoon can eat is working out nicely!
Thankfully, she's never been interested in my peppers!
Can't you just smell the sauce?
I sure can!
A quick stop at my thyme truck and we're off to
the kitchen to create my Le Creuset chicken pot roast!
This recipe is unbelievably delicious and spectacularly simple!
All you need is one 4-5 pound whole chicken, a few carrots, a handful
of mushrooms, a large yellow onion, 4-5 celery stalks, 2 cups white wine
or vegetable stock, 2 lemons and eight-ten cloves of garlic, crushed
Oh! And, don't forget the thyme,
cracked black pepper, sea salt and parsley!
Salt and pepper your chicken and dot with your crushed garlic
Stuff the cavity with one of the lemons, cut in half, seeded. Half
and squeeze the other lemon over the chicken after it has been placed
into the pot - But don't throw it away, let it bake in with the chicken!
Place chicken into your Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I'm using one of
my 7-quart ovens, which I usually use for chili - Then, surround it
with your vegetables and add your white wine or vegetable stock!
Looks like I'm being watched!
Such a busy-body!
Hello there... May I help you?
Whatcha cooking, Mom?
Squirrel stew, if you don't stay away from my bird feeders, mister!
Now, cover and slip your chicken pot roast into a
350 degree, preheated oven for three hours or until...
The meat falls...
Away from the bone!
Tender chicken, savory garlic, thyme
and lemon... Does it get any better than this?
I think not!
So... What are you serving for dinner tonight?


  1. The chicken looks delicious, but I'm not sure that squirrel stew would taste as good! Although you could make anything taste great I am sure. xx

  2. Those eggplants are gorgeous! It's amazing what Nikki can do with $20.00! She's lucky to have you as her Sous Chef! Your club sandwiches are making me hungry.........................

  3. Love that red Le Creuset Dutch oven! Gotta try your chicken all that lemony, garlicky goodness....YUM! Your vegetable garden is way ahead of mine........ but at least my herbs are going gangbusters! Such a bold little fellow peeking in your window....I have a squirrels to add to your stew!

    We enjoyed our first Maryland crab feast of the year........Crabs steamed with Old Bay seasoning......corn on the cob....fresh fruit salad......and your mom's delicious Noodle Salad.....DELISH! Keep those recipes coming!


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