Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's Summertime... Time for Farmer's Garden Pickles by Vlasic!

Summer Saturday mornings always find me at Farmer's Market early!
And, this weekend was no exception! All week I think about what I might
discover at the market and how it might play in the recipes I have planned!
My first stop this morning was Cobblestone,
the Farmer's Market at Old Salem...
Where I found this beautiful Spring Garlic I knew would be perfect for
the garlic butter I had in mind! As the vendor began explaining the flavor
and virtues of good garlic to me, my mind drifted home to Monterey and
how the boys would begin sniffing wildly at the air as the delicious aroma
of garlic wafted through the car as we passed through the fields in Gilroy!
On the menu for our lunch outside on the deck this afternoon are roast
beef panini sandwiches with Farmer's Garden pickles; so getting over
to the Camino Bakery stand before their bread sold out was important!
With my beautiful Camino breads tucked safely into
my market basket, it was time to head home for lunch!
Where, thanks to Vlasic®, the perfect farmer's market pickles can be found right
in my own refrigerator! Did you know that these pickles won the 2014 Better
Homes and Garden Best New Product Award for best pickle? It's true!
Did you know that America was named after pickle merchant, Amerigo
Vespucci, who transported vitamin-C packed pickled vegetables around
the world? Also true! And, with more of us focused on returning to simple,
honest foods, Farmer's Garden® by Vlasic® provides a premium pickle
using only the finest, specially selected ingredients to pack a powerful
punch of flavor. All of this effort by the good people at Vlasic® means
that regardless of the availability of a Farmer's Market in your area,
garden-fresh, wholesome and amazing-tasting pickles can be yours!
Now, I think pickles of such fantastic character deserve to
be paired with an equally fantastic sandwich... Don't you?
We love panini sandwiches! Pressed and toasted so that whatever
cheese I use melts into the bread... It turns an ordinary sandwich into
a sandwich worthy of being enjoyed slowly, and... With a great pickle!
Before I begin building my panini sandwiches, I like to whip up a savory
flavored butter to compliment whatever bread I'm using. Buttering the
grill sides of my bread ensures that crispy texture I toast sandwiches
for. And, in my opinion, it make other condiments unnecessary! Now, I
typically use sun-dried tomato butter with focaccia; however, for the
Italian bread I have today, only this beautiful spring garlic will do!
Slicing up a bit of spring garlic and folding it into a
good unsalted butter creates the perfect garlic spread!
Now, let's build a panini! First, slice bread about an inch thick...
Butter the grill sides of your bread... At this point, I like to
sprinkle a little sea salt and cracked black pepper over it too!
Then, add your cheese and meat. By the way, another reason I chose
garlic for my butter today is because roast beef has a particularly
strong taste... Therefore, garlic, which is also strong, helps create the
flavor balance necessary so that neither taste overwhelms the other!
It's a perfect marriage!
Now, place your sandwich onto a pre-heated panini grill. If you don't
have a panini grill you can easily duplicate the result by placing your
sandwich into a heavy pan and placing another pan, (weighed with
cans to create pressure) on top. Just flip and repeat to toast both sides!
While our panini does its thing on the grill, I want to tell you about the
Farmer's Garden by Vlasic® Savor Simplicity Sweepstakes
where you could win a summer entertaining package valued at $1,500!
Just for entering here, you'll receive a coupon good for $1.00 off
these amazing pickles! The contest runs from May 7th - July 31st
with one winner chosen every single month! So go... Enter now! 
We love these pickles! We fight over the delicious pickled vegetables
and bits of fresh garlic in the jar too! I think Vlasic® hit it out of
the park with their packaging as well, since these charming measured
mason jars can be reused. And, there's no need to fuss over making
up a condiment tray since you can just set the jars out on the table!
I hope you'll try these Farmer's Garden Vlasic®
pickles with your own panini creation very soon!
And, don't forget to enter the Savor Simplicity
sweepstakes! After all, if I don't win, I hope it's you!
Update: Received a nice surprise today when I noticed my Panini is mentioned as a favorite on the Farmer's Garden by Vlasic website! Click here to see the mention (Thanks, Vlasic!) and to discover other fantastic recipes!


  1. Omg, that panini looks so good! I will try to make one this week too. With some pickles. And I didn't know Amerigo was a pickle merchant! Well, la-de-da!

  2. We love Dill Pickles! Can't to try some of those new Vlasic Farmer's Garden varieties.....thanks for sharing! Gorgeous spring garlic butter, beautiful loaves of fresh Italian bread, roast beef and cheese panini's........what time did you say dinner was? We'll be there in five! Deliciously divine post!

  3. I love that panini! oh and those pickles, I'm in love with the label! I also love the farmers market photos!

  4. After this, Janet, I'll be looking for those pickles and dusting off my panini press! I make a perfect artisan bread that will work wonderfully for these. I can smell that garlic from here; it's a staple in our diet. (so is butter!)
    Sometimes I think we get in such a rut with our meals, so thanks for reminding me with all your great ideas. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


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