Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Road Trip with my Boys!

The only place I wanted to be at 11:59PM Thanksgiving evening was with my
boys... And, at the Pottery Barn outlet two hours and seventeen minutes away!
My boys delivered in a Big way! Instead of letting me make the trip alone,
both of them said they were up for the trip and wanted to go. Honestly, it
brought tears to my eyes... Of course, I was thrilled to have them along, but
it also confirmed that a little bit of the shopper in me also lives in them!
As soon as the doors flew open at midnight, I made a careful but deliberate dash for
the clearance racks at the back of the store. Once there, I was rewarded with this
fantastic find of monogrammed Schott Wiesel wine glasses. Most of the items on
clearance are linens removed from bedding displays and/or returns. It's where I
always get beautiful PB duvets at a fraction of their original price. And tonight, I
was thankful for whomever decided to return these beautiful, "B" wine glasses!
Because at $1.97 each, they were the steal of the day! I checked off everyone on
my office gift list, and picked up plenty of to-me-from-me gifts too! My total
haul was over $367; however, after the coupon Pottery Barn sent me, and
the rewards certificate that's been burning a hole in my pocket, plus
the extra 10% off for just showing up, I paid $72. Now that's a deal!
After my confession, (here) I decided that I would NOT be visiting the
Yankee Candle outlet... However, in my defense, they made it impossible for
me to resist because it was cold outside and they were open a full hour before
the Pottery Barn outlet! Nevertheless, despite the huge discounts there, I spent
just $153, and everything I picked out will be given away. Let the healing begin...
The ride with my boys, (all three of them!) was a blast and the deals I found
made our trip south worthwhile. But goofing around at the Waffle House in
the wee-hours of the morning with my boys made the experience priceless!
So what about you... What was your big score of the night?


  1. I am so NOT a shopper! I even bought a pair of boots last weekend eventhough they might have been even more on sale on Black Friday. After housecleaning and cooking the last few days, the last thing I feel like doing is shopping!haha! Sounds like you did great though!

  2. You really should write a book on how to shop for deals. You find them all the time!
    Glad you had an enjoyable outing with your boys and seeing as you are gifting all your newly purchased Yankee Candles I will not make you recite the 12 steps :)


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