Sunday, September 18, 2011

What we saw in Dublin... Virginia!

It took me a couple of weeks to recover from three days of
treasure hunting fun we had in Hillsville Virginia, but
yesterday morning at 5AM I was ready to take on Dublin!
The weather was Fantasticly cool. Clearly, autumn has
already wrapped its arms around Southern Virginia!
Our first stop...
Was for a warm, hand-glazed doughnut!
So good!
It began to sprinkle so we took our warm
doughnut and headed over to the cattle barn
Because the Dublin Virginia flea market and antique
show happens at the New River Valley fairgrounds!
This is so much better than those smelly fair animals!
Much better!
Looked like these sweet little girls found something fun to do
to occupy themselves while their parents sold things nearby!
There was a lot here... Certainly a little something for everyone!
For me the attraction was the view!
I love the rolling hills of Virginia, and I especially love this time of year!
And, I love vintage scales! I swear... If I had any space left on my
counter, that one on the right would be sitting in the kitchen right now!
We walked a lot!
And, we noted how the people, what we find and what
we see always changes according to where we are...
And yesterday, we were so obviously not in Monterey any more!
Not even close!
Down at the stables, we found the Army/Navy Surplus folks!
I liked how they travel!
Now, I'd never seen these before...
But apparently, if you add them to hot discarded motor oil...
They pop up into something people can't wait to line up to buy!
Now, if Michelle Obama really cared, she'd be right here!
But I guess eliminating fries from the kids
meal at the Olive Garden is important work too!
What is it with flea markets and pork rinds? Remember these? I don't
know... But I do know it's never difficult for me to resist them - Ick!
One thing I could not resist was this view of the Blue Ridge Mountains...
So what did I find? Well, I almost began to think I would be leaving empty handed...
But then I noticed this little gem...
Vintage Limoges in perfect condition... And, you know how
much I love perfect. And, you know how much I love seashells!
Oh, and how much I love trinket boxes!
So finding it there in Dublin, I took it as a sign
that it was a match that was meant to be...
For me!


  1. Great photo tour! I stole a copy of your "Show off your bobbers" pic (you know me being the HBI "Chief Boobologist")!

  2. No worries, LaJean! What's mine is yours to have!

  3. It was absolutely meant to be yours! To find a Limoges Sea Shell Trinket box in the middle of an Appalachian American Flea Market in perfect condition...well it was just waiting there for you and you alone.

  4. I love the photos. Well done and very interesting! Glad I found your blog!

  5. Those are some awesome photos! You didn't put your goal post into the linky, do you still want to be part of the challenge?

  6. Number 2, the thinking about how I'm actually feeling, is also something I'm working on. It's so easy to say 'I want to eat' and skip over the why.

  7. I love lots of pics! Great idea to use the fair stalls as a hillbilly swap meet!


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