Friday, September 2, 2011

Hillsville Labor Day Weekend Flea Market

Every Labor Day weekend, Hillsville Virginia transforms from sleepy
little mountain town along the Blue Ridge Parkway into the site of the
largest Flea Market in the south. Read all about it at their website here
Vendors and people stretch from one end of town to the other! And, this wasn't
our first time. We've been here once before... Years ago when the boys still
had plenty of leg room in the back seat. But this activity requires lot of
patience, stamina, and very comfy walking shoes. The first time,
we lasted exactly thirty minutes... But today it was different!
Today we arrived prepared, and ready for a Super-fun day!
Of treasure hunting!
And, I have to say... This was much bigger and much better than I remember!
There was food everywhere!
We got there early!
Just in time for fresh, hot doughnuts!
 There were a few book signings, and one t-shirt signing by some Reality TV stars...
I've never heard of Lizard Lick towing, but apparently
plenty of people here in Hillsville Virginia today have!
These were the biggest pork rinds I've ever seen!
According to this gentleman, it's the special oil he brings from Mexico...
That makes them puff up Super-size!
Now, here is something you don't see every day!
I think Mister Brahman needs a nap!
We walked a lot. We walked hundreds, if not a thousand acres. For hours!
Time flew, and we saw old and new treasures galore!
I found lots of things that appealed to me!
And I took a few of them home with me too!
I'm confident you would have found plenty to love too!
We met some very interesting people!
And made a couple of new friends along the way!
I enjoy this kind of shopping more than any other. I love seeing things
we've never seen before. And, I always so wish the pieces could talk!
Especially when no one seems to know what they are!
It's late now but I promise to show you my finds soon!
It was difficult not to drag this find home... I have the perfect spot for it!
It was true for so many pieces we found today!
Lately I've been on a copper kick!
But so far today I managed to restrain myself!
We're on our way back to Hillsville again in the morning. I'll let you
know how well I do resisting all this temptation for a second day!


  1. What fun! I'm suddenly feeling the need to find a flea market! Make sure to take more photos on your second day!

  2. This looks very similar to the Brimfield Antique Fair here in Massachusetts which happens three times a year. I'm an addict! I've done a couple of posts on my adventures in the past. We are going again this Saturday, can't wait for the treasure hunting!
    P.s. Love your blog and pictures :)

  3. We Love the Hillsville Flea Market & Gun show!! We have been going every year since 1992!


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