Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And then there was Easter Sunday dinner...

Sunday lunch and after our sweet guests departed...
It was just the two of us again. Plus Bing, of course. So we spent the rest
of the beautiful day, more than six hours, relaxing in this spot on our
deck. We read. We napped. We talked. It truly was the perfect day! 
And then, just after the sun went down and the
bats began to flutter around above our heads...   
 We realized that we were hungry again! Now the reason I served bakery cupcakes
for dessert following our Easter lunch is because our guests had a sudden change
of plans for their Easter Sunday. Which meant Mom had to adjust... Which also
translated into less than two hours notice to prepare a complete holiday meal
that I planned out almost a week in advance. But I managed. And I banged out
one early and very amazing lunch - Even if I do say so myself! The only down-
side for our dear guests was that their change of plans meant they had to
settle for market bakery cupcakes, instead of this cherry butter braid
served warm from the oven, and topped with rich vanilla ice cream!
 But what about our dinner, you ask? Well, I'll tell you... Our guests loved the
scalloped and mashed potatoes so much they took them home, along with some
of the leftover ham. So without a more complete spread of leftovers, I decided
another direction was in order. And, that direction was ham panini sandwiches!
Except that mine was turkey! Because as good as ham from the Honey Baked
ham store is, I just don't care that much for ham to eat it twice in one day!
  Our quiet Easter Sunday dinner was very yummy!
 And our Easter dinner dessert was much better than those market bakery cupcakes!
Did you have Easter dinner leftovers... If so, how did you use them?


  1. We had a very different Easter Sunday this year. Usually we have our extended family over(about 26 people) but this year it was just the two of us. We grilled steaks and enjoyed the beautiful Florida weather. I missed having the big crowd but I'll have to say it was a very relaxing day. So, no Easter dinner left overs this year:-)

  2. Hi Janet!
    I was in charge of desserts and a big salad!
    Just finished the salad tonight...
    *Trying very hard not to finish the desserts**
    The last two cupcakes went in the freezer!
    The last bunny cookie {that's not in the freezer} is in my lunch for tomorrow!
    *Your panini look yummy! as does your strudel!
    Have a super week!

  3. Do you have a recipe for the cherry butter braid? It looks amazing!!

  4. Patti - Your Easter sounds wonderful! I'm glad you enjoyed quiet time with your love in the beautiful Florida weather!

    Marcijjohnson - These butter braids I've baked and blogged, (and I have one more left!) were purchased via a fundraiser hosted by a woman I work with. I've learned from a reader that they are made in Iowa and while they were once sold in stores, they are only available through fundraisers today. If you have the opportunity to get one - do! Otherwise, you might search the Internet for a fruit strudel-type dessert. I imagine there's probably a similar recipe available via Peppridge Farms puffed pastry because the pastry in the butter braids tastes very similar (only much richer!)

    Thank you both for stopping by and for your comments!

  5. Maria - Hello! Thank you for popping over to say hello! I admire your willpower to freeze the last desserts from your Easter feast! I kept two for Terry, but sent the others home with the kids. I knew if they stayed with me I'd eat them ALL!

    Happy Spring, my friend!

  6. Oh my but your paninis look delicious. My husband and I love paninis yet I only think to make them when I see them on someone's blog. We have ham left over even after sending some home with the kids so I think a nice panini or two is going to be in the works this week. Thanks for the reminder :)

  7. Nothing like a GOOD panini sandwich, and yours looks fabulous! YUM!


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