Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Spring Home

Friends tell me it snowed while we were away...
Thankfully, it did nothing to slow down our Spring!
As much as we miss Brandon, (again/still) we are very happy to be back home!
Bing is also very happy to have us back!
If you watch the Discovery Channel's reality show, Auction Kings, then you
know all about Gallery 63 in Atlanta. We stopped by on our way home and
met Paul Brown and Jon Hammond. Cindy Shook had the day off, which
is probably why the place was so quiet and calm. The gallery is packed
with tons of very cool and interesting things to see... If if we lived
closer we would love to attend their next auction on April 10th! 
These are a few finds from our trip... I found these bell jars at an antique shop
in Alabama. I'd just seen this one in the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog so
these, for just $24.00 and $14.00 a piece were must-have's! I also picked up
a cake stand at the same shop. Yes... I do remember saying I'd never buy
another cake stand since my addiction collection is out of control! But
trust me, the price was so low, it was practically a give-away so I took
it. The lantern and duck are pick-ups from the Pottery Barn outlet!
I have no use for the duck but as a PB, special buy for only $12, I
decided to give him a home. Same for this PB bunny... He's a cute
cookie jar. But at the moment he has a belly full of Easter candy!


  1. Your pics are so nice and Springy. It's snowing here today in Cleveland lol Maybe one day my grass will be green again!! lol Love your awesome finds!

  2. Welcome Home Janet and Ranger!!
    Okay now where did Willie go??
    I'm supposed to admire him from afar and you moved him.
    AL in Calif.

  3. Willie is in the pantry... He's taking a nap until after Easter. You could say that he's given up being a Ham for Lent! Ha ha... You'll see him again soon. I promise!

    Thank you for the welcome home for Brandon. We are so grateful!

  4. Also's... It is FREEZING here today! We had tickets for tonight's Winston-Salem Dash vs. the Chicago White Sox game and we were FREEZING our buns off. Even wrapped in blankets we could only hang until the 7th inning. Brrrr! I want my Spring back!


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