Sunday, August 29, 2010

A little CLEAN Detox cooking!

Here we go, Campers... My CLEAN Detox begins in t-minus 13 hours! I've been
reading through all of the yummy recipe and meal options available to me during
this 21-day odyssey using the CLEAN Elimination Diet as my guide. For my day-one
meal I've come up with a winner - Quinoa, grilled chicken and steamed broccoli!
I butterflied my chicken breasts and Marinated them for a few hours using my
three Favorite partners in grilled chicken crime... Garlic, cilantro and lemon juice!  
This is what I'll be enjoying tomorrow at lunch,
between my morning and evening CLEAN Shakes
I received an e-mail yesterday asking if my Husband will be joining me on
my 21-day CLEAN Detox cleanse. The answer is no. I'm on my own. So while I
prepared grilled chicken and quinoa tonight, I was also busy Preparing his dinner
But as delicious as I know his filet mignon is, I still
believe my Detox-chicken looks pretty tasty!
Maybe one day I'll figure out a way to CLEAN Detox him without his knowing!
Until then, it's just you and me! By the way... Have you entered to Win
your own CLEAN Detox kit yet? If not, Click Here!

Preparing to CLEAN Detox Cleanse!

Friday afternoon I dashed over to GNC to pick up a vitamin box. It's just the tool I
need to organize my Supplements for the CLEAN Detox I begin tomorrow morning!
After I read all about my CLEAN Detox kit supplements and got the first
week's worth portioned out, I did what anyone preparing to cleanse might do...
I baked another batch of those amazing Guittard Chocolate Chip cookies!
But since I've got CLEAN on my mind I mailed all but six of my amazing cookies away!
Six for the man I love, and 20 sent to seven different states for friends and family to enjoy!
And me? Well, I'm just going to keep my yummy CLEAN
supplements in here with my baking butter for the next 21-days!

If you haven't read about my CLEAN Detox cleanse and how you
can get CLEAN with your very own FREE Detox kit, click Here!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun auction finds!

We spent another Fun day with the good people at the Great State Auction company in
Wilkesboro. As always, there were lots of interesting things to see and many bargains to be
had. I brought along some of my chocolate chip cookies, and everybody was happy!
See? Interesting! Not every day you see a Hillary Clinton Voodoo
doll kit! And, that State Birds of North Carolina dessert set is cute too!
There were a couple of beautiful Upright pianos... That went for a song too!
This flatware set caught my eye. It's a 1937 Roger Brothers
wedding set. The pattern is, First Love - I think it's Charming!
We've seen these at every North Carolina auction
we've attended thus far. And I still don't get them...
However, someone must get them, because they always sell and they always sell high!
Abandoned cedar Hope chests always make me a little
sad... Hard not to think about who they once belonged to 
Look at those two handsome guys holding up quilts! One of them is Randall Woodruff,
the President of the Great State auction company... The other one comes home with me!
Speaking of home... Here we are, and these are my fun
auction finds! First is this sweet little Dutch Delft set...
Last time I was in Amsterdam I was a teenager. But
even then I wanted to bring goodies like this home!
This took my breath away when I saw it...
One of the earliest Delft marks I've ever seen. Auction-Gary said it's likely from the 40's!
There were two...
And they remain safely Together tonight!
Remember that sweet Birds of North Carolina dessert set? Here it is! 
Complete. Unused. Just the way I like my finds! It just needed someone to love it again...
And, I plan to love it forever!
Speaking of Love! Look at the two gold Wedding rings on the top of this box...
It truly was Love at first sight for me with this lovely flatware
set. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one Smitten at today's auction...
But in the end, there could only be one Winner. And, you're looking a her!
It took me just a little over an hour but it was time very well
invested to see this beautiful Silverware come back to life!
I've decided to have it monogrammed!
Because our Monogram is the only thing that could make it better!
I looked this set up on-line tonight to learn a little more about it, and can't
believe the prices! Complete, it ranges from $299.00 to $459.00. However...
None of the sets for sale on-line come in this style box, which I love!
All this means that for my $55 winning bid... I scored! And, honestly,
if someone offered me a thousand dollars right now... I would not sell it!
So what did you do today!?

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm getting CLEAN... And, so can you, (a give-away)!

I've got some incredible news to share with you!

You already know that I've been working the CLEAN program to assist me in my effort to lose weight. I first told you about it here.

I learned about CLEAN through my faithful following of Gwyneth Paltrow's blog, GOOP. Before I even finished reading this post wherein Ms. Paltrow outlined the benefits of a diet, (and exercise) program that includes a CLEAN breakfast shake, I had already ordered my first shipment of MOVE and NOURISH powders to begin blending my own morning shakes. Not only because Gwyneth Paltrow said these products work for her, but because after reading the information about their programs on the CLEAN website and watching the clip of Dr. Junger's appearance on the Martha Stewart show, I realized this could be the natural, clean... no pun intended, program I've been waiting for!

Almost every morning since June 1st, I've blended a CLEAN shake consisting of one scoop of NOURISH, one scoop of MOVE, together with a handful of frozen blueberries or raspberries and 6 ounces of water and 2 ounces of unsweetened Almond Breeze. You could also blend this shake with 8 ounces of water or a full eight ounces of Almond Breeze, or Silk, if you prefer. During the day, I hydrate and eat only if I am truly hungry. In the evening, and always before 7PM, I have a balanced, healthy meal.

From day one the most incredible thing happened... I am NEVER hungry during the day. The CLEAN breakfast shake keeps me satisfied, (and energized) all day, until I have my dinner. Not once have I experienced those nasty, (junk food) cravings I've struggled with on other weight loss plans. Now that's not to say a Pepsi-addict like me didn't suffer a couple days of uncomfortable caffeine withdrawal; because remember, I don't drink coffee, and since I am allergic to artificial sweeteners, (no sugar-free Jell-O for me!) diet sodas are out of the question for a quick caffeine fix too. And, it surely doesn't mean a stress-eater like me didn't experience any stress either. Remember, my son was deployed!

Nevertheless, since the initial caffeine detox, it's been smooth sailing ever since. And when I say, smooth, I mean that in a couple different ways... You see, the MOVE (fiber) powder in my CLEAN breakfast shake literally keeps my tummy feeling groovy and things mooooving through my system, which quite frankly is an aspect of wellness completely overlooked by other programs I've tried.

Oh, and my results? Well, I'm down 51 pounds! This time on CLEAN, (June 1 - today) also included a full week off the CLEAN plan while we traveled to see the Ranger upon his return from deployment - As well as a few off-plan days due to early June social obligations, where I wasn't as strict in my planning and meal ordering as I could have been.

Today though, my results keep me chasing even greater weight loss success. Also the fact that I truly don't want to cheat on my morning CLEAN shake, which works so hard and does so much to keep me feeling fully alive and energized all day, just naturally keeps me on track. This is going to sound corny, so forgive me, but CLEAN works hard so I don't have to. There, I said it! In addition to what CLEAN products have done for me, joining the CLEAN, on-line support community keeps me motivated and learning about the many ways CLEAN can become my way of life; not just a temporary solution to a, (weight) problem.

Any way, last week while placing an order for more MOVE and NOURISH powders, I got to chatting with one of the super-Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable CLEAN phone ordering staff members about how much I am enjoying the program. And... Much to my surprise, she offered to put me in touch with CLEAN's head wellness coach, Jenny. Talk about knowledgeable and helpful, Jenny is Incredible! As we exchanged e-mails, Jenny suggested I might benefit from the CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit. Yes! The CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit everyone is raving about - Jenny was offering it to me, with her compliments!! And, when I told Jenny about all of you and my Blog, where I've mentioned CLEAN, Jenny agreed to provide me with a second CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit to give away! Now tell me... Just how Fantastic is that?!

Before I agreed to accept Jenny's offer to try the CLEAN 21-day Detox cleanse kit, I spent hours at the CLEAN website reading information, reviews and testimonials about it. One of the most amazing aspects of the program that convinced me to try the CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit is the fact that it's for people like me... People with a life! Mine is an active life that includes a demanding, full-time job and other obligations and activities which don't permit me to be tied to my bathroom for the duration of a cleanse... Like so many other cleanse programs advise. Nope! On the CLEAN 21-day Detox/cleanse, I get to eat one, yummy lunch-time meal from the CLEAN Elimination diet plan, which even includes guacamole! And, I get to snack too, so long as I observe the 12-hour rest period between my last and next meal. And while the objective of the 21-day Detox Kit isn't weight loss, weight loss in many cases is a side-effect of the program. How's that for a happy side-effect?!

I believe the fact that I've been following a program that already includes a daily CLEAN breakfast shake and parts of the Elimination diet too, means my system is uniquely prepared for this detox. You may want to take another look at Gwyneth Paltrow's program and order your MOVE and NOURISH powders today, ahead of your CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit.

Want to know more about the CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit and how it works? Read this

Want to know why you should order your CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit today? Watch this

Want to WIN a FREE CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit of your very own? Well then, visit the CLEAN program website and tell me which of the testimonials you identify with the most. Just tell me the name of the person and what about their personal story inspires you to give CLEAN a try.

Now for the fine print: *FTC-required disclosure: CLEAN provided me with one, CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit for my personal use for free. All other CLEAN products mentioned in my reviews are products I purchased at full retail price + shipping. The CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit for this give-away is provided solely by CLEAN. You should always consult your own physician before beginning any wellness or weight loss program. My experience in no way constitutes medical advice or a guarantee of similar or same results.

Now for the contest rules: Remember that with your comment, you must complete the comment form to include your e-mail address for contact should you win. If announced winner does not contact me within 24 hours of my notice to them, another winner will be chosen until the prize is awarded. For 3 additional chances to win: TWEET my give-away, Link it to your Facebook wall, and/or mention it on your own blog and send me the link. Just remember to let me know in comments which you've done!

PLEASE NOTE: The CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit requires refrigeration and therefore may only be shipped to winner residing within the continental United States.

Beginning on Monday 8/30, check back with me, every day if you'd like, to see just how I'm doing on my CLEAN 21-day Detox. At the end of my cleanse program, on Tuesday September 21st, I will announce the lucky, (fabulously lucky!) winner of the CLEAN 21-day Detox Kit provided so generously by The Clean Program.

I'm getting CLEAN and Loving it! How about you?!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tagine pork chops... and more Pesto!

Can you believe his garden has yielded even More basil?
This is the sixth time I've made Pesto this summer. And, I'm not complaining!
Remember I told you that my sweet, (Sweet!!) neighbor gifted me the Williams-Sonoma
Mauviel Copper beating bowl she found at a yard sale last weekend for only $7.50? Well,
it's absolutely perfect, except for a bit of tarnish so I picked up some Copper polish
at Sur La Table yesterday... Just so that my French mauviel never looks like this... 
Did I tell you how much I love my neighbor!?
I love her Very much!
I've been watching an All-Clad tagine sit on the clearance shelf at Sur La Table
for several months now... It was there again yesterday. And again, I thought
about it. And again, I left the store without it. However, today I finally came
to my senses, called the store to see if my Tagine was still there, and when
Ken said that it was, I told him to hold it because I was on my way to get it!  
I mean, after all... It matches my All-Clad slow cooker, which makes it practically a no-brainer!
Most tagines I've seen are ceramic or clay, which means they crack and expand during
cooking. Although that's considered normal in tagine cooking, the whole cracking thing makes
me a little nervous. That's why this tagine by All-Clad, with its stainless base, is so perfect for me 
Speaking of perfect... I think this selection from the sample pack of Artisan salts I
received from saltworks will be perfect for my Tagine pork. Just read that description!
To put my tagine pork chops together, I first grabbed more Thyme and rosemary from the
deck garden. I'll marinate my chops in brown sugar, Honey, the herbs, and a splash of soy sauce
Like this!
Dust with a little of the salt, a bit of pepper, and Refrigerate for an hour...
All-Clad 18/10 stainless... There is no substitute!
Basically, a tagine is a Morrocan stove-top Slow cooker. Learn more
about the origin of Tagine cooking and buy your All-Clad tagine here
Add enough EVOO to cover the bottom of tagine. When oil is hot, add pork chops
Brown chops 5 minutes on each side
After five minutes...
Add your veg. There was a request for apples and
sweet potatoes so apples and sweet potatoes it shall be!
Cover and cook on med-low for an hour. After an hour you may expect to find whatever
meat you're cooking to fall off the bone! I'm adding a little apricot preserves to finish 
After another ten minutes...
My first Tagine dinner is served!