Sunday, October 11, 2009

Redskins vs. Panthers - Panthers Win!

It was a Beautiful day in Charlotte for Football!

The only thing that could have made
it better is if this was a Dallas game!

Of course, Dallas is playing but they're in Kansas City

And, that's not a Trip I'm willing to make

So I'll just be happy here!

Like this guy, who gets to check out the Girls

Must be a Guy thing...

What a great View that building has of the stadium

Of course, my View isn't so bad either...

We were in row Three but we moved to row two because we
couldn't see behind the really big Redskins fans jumping up and
down in front of us. Row two put us a little Closer so that's okay

Closer is better

Maybe... Depends on your perspective, I guess

47 is Up in the air - Means the Panthers score one!

I want their Job. Minus the travel!

Finally! Dallas is doing something right... They are tied with the Chiefs!
(click photo once to enlarge)

That's it! Sorry Dougie Schauss... It was a Carolina day today!

Panthers Win - Cowboys Win - It's a good Football day!

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  1. Every time I watch the movie Grease, I wish today's cheerleaders would dress in sweaters and long skirts like they did at Rydell High. ;)


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