Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This one is Perfect!

Dashed over to Williams-Sonoma at lunch
to pick up the 90th anniversary edition Kitchenaid
stand mixer they agreed to hold for me!

Honestly, I have to agree with my friend, CH... Those women at Williams-Sonoma are
absolutely Horrible! Imagine all the Snobby-girls you knew in high school together in one
room. That's my Williams-Sonoma too! I dropped $573 there this afternoon and you would
think Purchases like mine happen in their Store every five seconds! I'm not asking for a Parade,
but Geez! How about an apology for being Out of the catalogs, instead of Telling me, you order
your catalogs on-line. And, how about Not rolling your eyes at me when my card-swipe didn't
work because You didn't complete the transaction at the register terminal properly? Oh, and for
the record, I don't care that asking you to Unpack my mixer so I could inspect it first, distracted
you from Answering the phone. I mean, I did show you the Photos of the damaged mixer I was
there to replace - So your comments about how all the mixers sent to the stores aren't even
shipped Inside another box didn't really do anything for me. Or make my damaged mixer any
less real. I also guess that a little Sympathy for a customer that spent an hour last night cleaning
up Broken glass and paint flecks because the mixer she ordered arrived damaged was too much
to expect too. I mean, Really! If I wanted to be ignored or engaged in Catty conversation, I
might have attended a certain high school Reunion held last weekend. Now you know why
I sometimes prefer to catalog shop. Every dime I pay for home delivery is Well worth it!

All that aside... There is lots of Good news here! Not only did I get a Perfect
new mixer... It clears the upper Cabinets too. So it Fits on the counter!

Which is what I've always wanted in this kitchen!
Unlike another stand Mixer I know, which doesn't fit on my counter,
and shall remain nameless... But not to worry! I still have the new ice
cream maker attachment I bought through Williams-Sonoma, and
cannot wait to use it. So this new mixer will Still get plenty of use!

This is for YW-S. She sent me an e-mail earlier telling me how Excited she is
about her discovery of Foil sheets! I want her to Look for these pop-up kind I use. I've
been using these for at least 15 years. They pop-Up and out of the box like Kleenex...
Before we left Monterey California I bought 20 boxes because I wasn't convinced
I would find my Beloved foil sheets in North Carolina. Silly girl! While we don't have
a Smart and Final, we do have a store exactly like it, called, Chef's Smart that sells them! It's
kinda like Carl's Jr in California is called Hardee's here. So, my dear friend, I recommend that
you buy one Box and revisit the need in a year or two. Because unless the good Lord lets me
live to be 145 years old, I'm afraid they'll be selling boxes of Foil sheets at my Estate sale!

And now for a little Bing! I found him Lounging out in the solarium
when I got home tonight. It is his room after all... Such a Rolly-polly kitty!

Big S-t-r-e-t-c-h!

I love this Cat!
I'll leave you to your lounging
now, Bing and get Back to my kitchen!

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