Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh, Fudge!

Last night, after I served the second course of desert after dinner, he told me he Especially liked my (Pioneer Woman's) Chocolate sheet cake because it tasted like Fudge. Because he Loves fudge. Hum... Also last night, as I was making the bed, I thought to myself that the fitted sheet didn't look as Bright-white as it normally does after I wash it. I didn't think much about it Until I saw this sitting on the window sill in the laundry room...

What this means is that I forgot to add the Tide to
the machine before I started the sheet! Yes, I wash the
fitted Sheet alone because it takes chlorine Bleach. My duvet
and pillow cases do not - Only Clorox II for them because I would
rather the Detail border not disappear. It's the Right thing to do!  

I remember taking a call while I was doing Laundry yesterday... So
much for multi-tasking, huh? So let's try this again, Shall we?

Bleach, check. Downy, check. Tide, check-check-check!

After my Laundry re-do I was ready for breakfast... Until I saw THIS in the pantry!
You see it too, don't you? Look closely there... To the left of my Monogrammed cups
and a tad to the right of the Walnut-raspberry salad spritz - and there, Just in front of
the recipe box. There! See it? It's the brand new box of Baking soda I bought to bake
the Pioneer Woman's best chocolate Sheet cake, ever. The fact that it's still in the Pantry,
and unopened, explains why he thought my Cake tasted like great fudge. Oh, Fudge!

We just can't have this! Can we Bing? I have to make this right! And, right
this Instant. Can't wait another minute! As for the Fudge-sheet cake... Well,
that goes into a Bowl now and tonight, our Raccoon will be very happy!  

All I have left in my Pantry now is 2-pound bags of Powdered sugar, which
means I have to weigh out one-Pound before I can subtract the half-cup!

Despite the fact that this is the Easiest cake I've ever made, the tiny
matter of the Forgotten baking soda has my eyeballs Glued to the recipe!

Feels like Déjà vu!
It was just about at this part of the Process yesterday
that Brandon called too... Again, no more Multi-tasking for me!

Look! Look! Look! Here goes the Baking soda!

This looks more Successful already!

The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake, ever... Take two!

Okay! Now that the Cake is in the oven and I've made sure all the ingredients
for the Frosting are accounted for, I can multi-task a Little by preparing dinner

This was not my Idea... I am not a beans and Ham kinda girl and I generally
consider my Crock pot a fall/Winter-time appliance. But, he picked up ham
steaks at Costco on Friday and said he was in the mood. So here we are!  

And, here we are too! Funny what a Difference a silly little teaspoon of
baking Soda makes, huh? Look how much higher the batter poof'ed up!

It's Perfect! And, you know what? It took Exactly 20 minutes, like PW said it would!
Yesterday, it took 29 minutes. Probably because I was baking Fudge. Not cake!

The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Frosting, take two!

Watch it spread!

I love how it Flows to the edges all by itself. Without any Help from me!

Now this... This looks like Cake!
And, for the record... This is the Best chocolate sheet cake, ever!

And, now it looks like the Pioneer Woman's best chocolate sheet cake!
You know, this proves Two things... First, that I'm able to admit my
mistakes. And two, that I make a mean-Tasting fudge! Who knew?

Okay! Now that my Laundry and sheet
cake do-overs are finished, it's Me time!

A little liquid-Relaxation-kind of me time!

Better than Calgone!

This floating around, staring at the trees
thing... I always seem to get it right the First time!

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