Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

Now that the old counter tops have been Ripped out, our New counter top Project is humming right along. It began to really hum yesterday when the Template designer came out a day Early to take a look at what we ended up with after the Old counters were removed. As has been the case with Every project in this house, there were a Few surprises during Demo... So we were Super-thrilled to have an Expert come in for a look, and super-Duper relieved to learn that despite the hick-ups we encountered, we are Go for new counter tops. Whew!

I have to tell you... Our template maker had the patience of a Saint! How that poor man didn't just Bolt for the door after I began to pepper him with, What If and Are you Sure? questions after he told us we had to Cut down the top of our cabinets, I truly don't know. Making decisions for him about the length of the Overhang and how much Distance I want between the front of the cabinets and the counter overhang almost Paralyzed me for the rest of the day. In my defense though, I did pick the Corian Rain Cloud I wanted and the sink, #902, in Two seconds flat. But, ask me for Measurements and I'm completely helpless!

Nevertheless, with some input, patience and assurances that Everything will work out just fine, I got through it. You know me... I didn't expect to have to Think after settling on my design!

But the decision making did Not end there though... Oh, no! After I got back to the office yesterday I received an e-mail to say the sink I selected is too Wide to center on top of our counter. Darn! So it was back to the sink Drawing board for me. And, do let me Tell you... It is almost impossible to Pick a sink from the Corian website or their brochures. I settled on the #902 strictly on its depth. He wouldn't go for a Single bowl sink so we compromised. He got the Double sink and I picked out the deepest one in the corian line. I wanted Deep. Or so I thought... Thankfully, I was able to see not only the sink I asked for but also Examples of the other two Double sink options I wanted to Choose from too. Yea!

There's my sink... Corian's #902 in Glacier white. It's a
double Bowl sink and over Ten inches deep!

But now that I see it and can Touch it, I'm almost glad it won't Work in our kitchen...
Why? Because it's so deep that it kinda looks like a Laundry room tub-sink to me!

This is the Corian #872 double in Bisque, and it's okay but the Smaller bowl is
too Shallow and I don't care for that Ledge space above the two bowls. That area would
be in the Glacier white and that's a little Too much white space up against my Rain Cloud
counter top. Since the sink will be Seamless and integrated, I think the separation
between the two colors will make it look too much like two Individual pieces

There's my New sink! Corian's #874! Just an inch and a Half less deep than #902,
and there is No white ledge above the larger Bowl! The ledge above the smaller bowl
is where the Faucet will mount. I love it! And, you can see that a 12" plate fits just fine. That's
important because the new Monogrammed dinner plates I ordered from Pottery Barn are 12 inches

My new 21-inch monogrammed Platter won't fit, but there isn't a Corian sink or
many other sinks that will fit a 21" platter! Being able to see all the Sinks I had to choose
from made this Decision pretty painless. Now I can't wait to see my new Sink in the counter top!

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