Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crazy Nachos!

So on Martha's show yesterday she and Emeril made what he called his Crazy Nachos! They used a Boston Butt pork roast they prepared in the Very same slow cooker I own so it was a Must-try. I planned to repeat Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Nachos and serve them as the main-Munchy for tomorrow's Cardinals victory over the Steelers (I hope, I hope, I hope) because they were such a hit a couple of weeks ago... But I decided to spread the Love around and give Martha and Emeril's Crazy Nachos a try. So before I hit the Hay I'm doing this...
see those Avocados? I'm making pico and Guacamole tomorrow too!
patting my Boston Butt dry...
I've tried them all and there's Nothing better than John Pisto's
Old California Seasoning to rub on just about any kind of Meat... Yes,
that'll be me you see next week at Monte Vista market in Monterey buying
up another 10 jars to bring back to North Carolina with me!
a little Kosher salt, cracked Black pepper and we're ready!
Nite nite... see you in Eight hours!
How cute is this? I've been watching for a Crock to store the
cooking Utensils/tools I use the most and Look at this! I have
never seen a Crock like this with the American flag on it... It's
not painted on either, the Flag design is molded into the
stoneware... the Dealer had $98 on it but by the time we
were done Chatting, it was mine for only $52 with tax!
It's in Mint condition and I will have it Forever!
See the stamp imprint on the Back of my crock...
the China cabinet we bought
is Very nice, but this was my Find of day! 

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