Friday, January 23, 2009

Something California!

So I'm not where I expected to Be tonight... Continental flight #2008 to Houston and my connection, Continental flight #1407 from Houston to San Jose both delivered their Passengers safely; however, I was not among them. Sadness at the Ranch, for sure. As much as the reason for my Trip sucks, I was very much Looking forward to seeing my parents today and I know from the Deep disappointment I could hear in their voices as they were reporting the Change in plans to me on Wednesday, that they were eager to see Me too. Poop! 

Honestly, my Intuition told me I wouldn't be in California tonight... Despite how supportive Everyone at work was about my needing to take so much time off so Soon after the holidays, and despite getting in to see my girl for the Best pedicure I've ever had with her just one day before she gave birth on Tuesday, and despite being half-way packed and almost Calm about having to Fly... There was a little something that just didn't feel right. A little something that said, Maybe not, Janet. I have always been very Plugged into my sixth sense, no matter how subtle the nudge, I usually get it because I'm always Listening for it... And, it wasn't hard to miss this time because my intuition has been Screaming at me these last few days as I prepared for my trip! So while I wish I was on West-coast time tonight, and I sure as heck Wish my dad was getting this Operation over with next week rather than two Weeks from now, I knew... Aside from the agony waiting is causing my sweet Dad, the fact that his surgery date has been pushed out two weeks also means that I won't be home to celebrate William's 18th birthday either! Bummer.

So what about the Title of this post? Well, I may not be in California tonight but something from California did find me today! You already know I work with the most Amazing people (Lucky ME!) and that most of them are pretty Interesting too... Well, there is this one guy on our Team that has a pretty healthy little side-business selling stuff on e-Bay that he finds at off-the-beaten-path Antique shops, Estate auctions and Tag sales. He tells me he often Buys lots of random stuff in huge lots for next to Nothing and then ends up Selling a few select pieces from the boxes that are worth something for pretty good money. Once, he said he bought a box full of camping Lantern parts only to later find that most of the pieces were Rare replacement parts people couldn't buy from him Fast enough. Another time, it was a Lot box of old phones he ended up making a Decent amount of money on. And by decent, I mean he funds his Family vacations with this little Venture!

One of my favorite stories is about this whole box of Franciscan starburst dinnerware from the 50's he picked up for only $40.00 that he ended up selling just the Gravy boat from the set for $50.00.  And, who knew that Corning's Vision cookware was worth anything these days? I had a whole set of that Stuff back in the 90's I couldn't give away fast enough to a neighbor that he recently bought for a few dollars at a tag sale and Sold on e-Bay for $110.00. I myself have since seen just the Stockpot of my old set going for $45 at my Favorite antique shop downtown. Any way, we have this interest in Vintage kitchen-kitsch in common, he and I, so whenever he comes across a little Piece he thinks I might like, that he says isn't worth listing on e-Bay, he brings it to Work for me. Free! You know how I like Presents, and you also know my Favorite four-letter word is, F-R-E-E!

bring him any Lantern parts and old Phones I find - Ha!
so Cute...
even a little Mixed up!
and, they're Franciscan, stamped Made in California! In addition to our Interest
for these types kinds of things in General, we also share a special Preference for
things Made in America... You know, over that old, Made in China stuff!
the last thing he Brought me was this Fiestaware salt & pepper. My friend
also knows I can't keep things with Chips or cracks... So somehow, every
piece he brings me is Always in the most Perfect condition. Love that!
Before the Fiestaware... he brought me these Cute, cute, cute Creamers!
The Orange is unmarked pottery with a great, old Patina on it. The teal one... Bauer, and I Love it!

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