Monday, January 26, 2009

in Search of Pioneer Woman's Jadite collection!

I was searching for Jadite on Craig's List and found a listing nearby in Winston-Salem for what looked like a pretty promising collection. The ad indicated the pieces could be seen at the NC Antique Mall on Peter's Creek so I went down there to check it out. On my way through the shop to find the Jadite I came across these lovely casserole dishes - not bad at just $10 for the small and $15 for the larger one. But I need those like I need another Teenager living in my house and besides, we were there for Jadite! I'm on a Quest to build that Jadite collection The Pioneer Woman has!

Nice, and Fireking... but NOT our precious Jadite!
Don't you just Love how I balanced the small dish on the Rim of
its bigger mate for my photo? I managed to take the photo and put
them back the way they were before I broke (and had to buy) them!
Oh, oh, oh... There it is!
There they are! Five, Jadite charm square plates, just waiting for Me!
Unfortunately, as nice as they looked all Stacked up there, most of these
plates are in Horrible condition... Loaded with utensil marks and three of
the Five plates have some weird dark markings in the glass. Poop! Besides,
before I pay $30.00 per plate (yes, they are marked $30, EACH), I will just
take the plunge and buy a service for Eight of these - I've wanted these dishes
and matching platter for far too long. So, while I REALLY want a huge Collection
of Jadite, I'll just have to wait until a Big set, in perfect condition, of course, falls
into my lap! Yup! That's how it'll happen... right out of the Sky and into my lap! 
$40 for this Charm platter wasn't a bad price; however, its condition
is also less than ideal, just like the plates. So it's still there at the shop
$50 for this Platter is doable, but there is that same Strange dark
discoloration in the glass I noticed in the Charm plates... Not good. Not
good enough for any Collection of mine. I'll just hold out for Perfect!  
While I was there I took a stroll around to check out the other vendors because
You never know what Interesting things you might find in these Antique
malls. Like this for instance, this Russian uniform and hat. Hum...
...or this! Who would expect to find a Desk set that belonged to Kaiser
Wilhelm II, grandson of Queen Victoria and the last German emperor
and King of Prussia here in NC? Dated 1913 and Only $1,395, Firm!

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