Monday, September 1, 2008

No LABOR toDay!

The last few days have So made up for the rainy beginning to my Vacation last week. Today was Amazing! September couldn't have made a More beautiful entrance... This is how we Spent the day!
This is for Yolanda who called me on Friday to reminisce about all the crazy Fun we used
to have Running around in my cute little MGB. Yolanda said she was listening to an 80's
station and Frankie was playing so she just had to Call... Yolanda reminded me of what a
Crazy driver I was, (so not true!) and how funny she always thought it was when I'd tell her
not to Panic because, "Frankie says, Relax." Yolanda asked if I remembered the answer
she'd always give me. And, I do... Such shocking language! Yolanda said she couldn't Believe
that I still had my RELAX license plate, but I do! I told her I've often thought about
the Scum-bag that Stole my cute little MGB and what he might have thought of all those
 fingernail Marks she left in the Dashboard - Ha! Oh my, the Fun we had... 
I'm the First to admit that I don't use the Pool as much as I should... but just
Seeing this crystal clear liquid Freshness every day and knowing it's here
for Me whenever I need it, makes it worth whatever it takes to have it!
I ordered two More scalloped umbrellas today
because one can Never have too many umbrellas...
Peace and Quiet
In a few more Weeks the trees around the Pool will be on Fire!
If you click to enlarge this Photo you'll see the leaves are
Beginning to turn Amber on the lower branch behind this tree.
Our trees have faces on them so they Can talk to each other!
Early afternoon Sunshine - It's a Good thing!
One of the many Highlights of the Autumn Garden... Toad Lily!
Of course, there are Many highlights to this Garden!
The view from my Float is truly Spectacular!
My little mossy Birdbath
More gorgeous Trees, please!

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