Saturday, September 13, 2008

Exploring Historic Bethabara Park

Inside the Visitor's Center
The 1788 Gemeinhaus is the last Remaining eighteenth-century Church with attached living quarters
in the United States. Today was the first time we toured the Church and it was Fantastic!
How fortunate we are to have this Sweet little settlement practically in our Own backyard
The Log house was Constructed in 1816 by Joseph Krause for his New bride

The root Cellar of the Congregation Store
Henrietta Greeted us as we entered the Gemeinhaus... As we left today
she invited us back to Visit with her when she will be stationed at the 
Potter's house next weekend while Bethabara hosts the Apple Festival
The fireplace inside the Parsonage
One of the Beds inside the Parsonage. The down comforter
is just my thing but the rest of the Bed leaves a bit to be desired...
In the Kitchen
This Beautiful tiled wood burning stove stands in 
the Dining room, which was also used as a Schoolroom
Look at that Gorgeous table!
The organ accompanied by a Flautist today - they made Heavenly music!
I know you cannot see it but the Bible on the table is written in German
And what about that chair? Of course, those Central heat and air vents
are New to the Gemeinhaus... Installed to help preserve the Furniture! 
The Church has such a Presence

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