Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just put that Anywhere!

I put all my pretty Umbrellas away Just in time to avoid the storm that Ripped through our neighborhood this afternoon! It would have really been a Shame if we weren't home and they were left Outside since the reason I ordered new umbrellas in the first place was to replace the two I lost in the Storm we had two weeks ago. Oh sure, the boys were home and Could have put the umbrellas down on the First storm warning broadcast over the televisions they were both Glued to while I was at work; but Noooo... that would have required forethought and Effort! And, yes, I only lost two but I replaced them with three... Because one can Never have too many umbrellas. So there was another storm today. A typical summer-time occurrence Everywhere, except of course in Monterey. Thankfully, this time we only Lost two of the smaller trees in the stand along the wood-line by the shed - and, BONUS! they fell Away from the fence and the pool! The funny thing is, those were the two Trees that leaned toward the fence and pool the most so they were on our List to remove this Fall. The best part about this, besides that we didn't Suffer any damage, is that God doesn't charge - Yea!     
Could not have come Down more perfectly!
Just put that Anywhere... and, Right there is Just fine!

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