Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's never been About the house...

Although the house is pretty great... for us, it's always been about the property!

This beautiful setting I am so fortunate to call all mine reminds me daily of being in Pebble Beach or Pacific Grove where the deer are unafraid and never seemed to mind us strolling by as they nibbled on the Links along Seventeen-mile Drive or on the grassy Dunes in front of Point Pinos lighthouse at Asilomar. Of course, there are several things missing here that I loved about living on the Peninsula - Top of the list are Mom and dad, San Carlos Cathedral, the Carmel Mission, all my friends, the rocky Pacific Coast, Big Sur and the cuisine. Really, don't get me going on the list of 11,404 things I miss about Monterey! Life and its trade-offs... There, it costs a million dollars to own a view like this - here, this view is mine for only what it costs me every day to miss those 11,404 things.

This is what I'm talking about...
She comes to nibble up whatever cracked corn the ducks don't finish
These sweet, gentle creatures find what they need here with us...
I hope they know they bring much more with them than they take

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