Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beautiful, that's me... Ha!

The Rhododendron popped today! It's been raining lightly all day and the gardens couldn't be lovelier - Come see:
Lovin' the Purple!
The trees, ferns and hostas are All in!
Men at work next door...
Looks like we're Next!
When I came home last night I was unhappy to find the new form 
they set for our driveway seemed more narrow than it was before 
they removed it to make way for the sewer line they brought down 
our street. I was dreading making the call today but when I got the project
manager on the line and explained it to him, (and asked for a little extra 
flare-out on the end) he said, "I'm only about five minutes away, Beautiful 
so let me get over there and see if I can't make you smile today." Wow! 
Hopefully tomorrow will be a beautiful day to pour concrete 

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