Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This Post brought to you Today by the Letters C and L

C for Cherry and L for Lemonade! My most favorite scent of Yankee Candle - Cherry Lemonade. Yum.

I took my little coupons they e-mailed to me to the mall and bought eight tonight! You see only six because I already put two into my hurricanes before I remembered to take this photo for you. The cashier did point to my coupon where it states one coupon ($15 off my $45 purchase) per customer but I convinced her to ring up each set of 2 candles (+one votive to meet their $45 requirement) separately and just pretend she's seeing me for the first time each time. Either she found me charming or it was too near the end of her day to argue with me. Either way, I think it's a silly, silly rule!

Oh, and I needed kitchen hand soap too so I dipped into Bath and Body Works for a few. Okay, okay, and Pottery Barn - but that's It!
Smells like Summer!

05/01 UPDATE!

Bad news, Bloggers... I called the Yankee Candle store today to see if they would put aside a few more jars for me but they are now SOLD OUT. And, what's worse - the woman said this scent is now "retired" - Odd, since I don't remember Cherry Lemonade being around long enough to reach retirement age! However, there is hope, albeit slight... The scent is still available in all sizes on the Yankee Candle website but what they have is what they have until it's sold out there too. Drat!

So I've placed three orders under different names using three different addresses, which has depleted their stock by another fifteen jars.

I'm off to figure out how to burn a candle slowly until Yankee Candle comes to their senses!

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