Friday, April 11, 2008

Hello old Friend!

It's been too long...
Seeing the Atlantic Coast always reminds me of the opening scene of Jaws - The wind swept sand dunes and this dune fencing especially. Much different from the rocky Pacific coast I'm used to. Nevertheless, this Day was just waiting for me to show up - It was Perfection!
The mighty Atlantic
This little girl asked me if I wanted to see her get close to the water
Carolina Beach just outside of Wilmington, NC
This pelican flew in front of me and perched on the railing as if to say, "Allow me pose for you!"
We had quite the conversation, me and my posing pelican
He followed me down the pier and then perched on the roof of the 
shelter above me... and posed again!

Kure Beach Pier

Kure Beach, North Carolina - Ahhh...

Gift Shop on Kure Pier
The t-shirt we picked for William - Not Hanes, sadly... but I couldn't not bring him a shirt!

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