Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas will come again in April!

So what do I give the man that has everything (everything being me) for Christmas? Why the opportunity to fly a real WWII airplane, of course! No, really... that's what I bought, and he really does fly the plane! The planes you see above is just one of the three or four plane choices they offer - I think the bi-plane is cute, but I've rented the top one you see, it's the AT-6G - The man said it goes, Fast, Fast, Fast. So fast it is...

When we lived in California I bought him kayaking adventures, so now that we're in North Carolina, I think it's time for him to fly! And, this is pretty close to how the Wright brothers did it!

Any way, I cannot wait to see his face on Christmas morning! Before then though I must find a creative way to wrap the certificate they're sending me. Unfortunately the adventure won't happen until April, but that's okay...

To learn more about this little adventure-to-come, go to: http://www.warbirdskyventures.com/

You can count on me to take plenty of pictures... But only from my safe little spot on the ground because you know how afraid I am to fly and we're talking I white-knuckle it in first class so this is out of the question for me!

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