Saturday, June 28, 2014

Chef Nikki's $20 Farmers' Market Challenge... And me, as her Sous Chef!

Working as Chef Nikki's sous chef during the taping of her $20 Challenge at
the Farmers' Market two weeks ago was so much fun! So, when she asked
if I might consider doing it again this week, I couldn't say Yes! fast enough!
There was so much to choose from at the market today... Clearly,
summer is in full swing here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina!
While Nikki taped her intro, it was time for me to take all
the goodies she bought and, get to work as her Sous Chef!
On the menu today was Chef Nikki's American-style Ratatouille
and homemade lemon curd custard served over fresh blueberries!
As soon as my work was done, it was showtime!
Here's Nikki rocking my apron for the show!
Mmmmmm, custard!
Everything smelled incredible! Elephant garlic, olive oil, white onion, two
different varieties of eggplant, zucchini, squash, tomatoes and green peppers!
It only takes a few minutes to draw a crowd when Nikki's cooking!
After my gig with Nikki at the Farmers' Market it was lunch time!
I couldn't wait to put the fresh bread and tomatoes I picked
up at the Farmers' Market to work for my club sandwiches!
For information about when to tune in for this week's episode
of Chef Nikki's $20 Challenge and her recipes, visit her blog, here!
Happy Weekend, Friends!


  1. How brilliant Janet!!!! So much fun for you I am sure. You will be a famous TV star yourself before long if you keep this up!!! xx

  2. Thank you again, Janet, for agreeing to be sous chef! I enjoy working with you and seeing you out at the market!

  3. What an exciting time for you. Your pictures are amazing as usual. I could pick that sandwich up right off the page and eat it or so it seems. Still following and reading but not always able to comment. If this goes through I want you to know I was blown away by your Spring pictures. Hugs, Alice


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