Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Indian Motorcycle Classic Leather Jacket Auction to benefit Wounded Warrior Project!

As promised in this post about Indian Motorcycle's Two Wheel Salute
for a Hometown Hero, I'm delighted to share that the e-Bay auction of
the Classic Leather Jacket I was offered is now active! I hope you'll take a
look here and bid high and often to benefit Wounded Warrior Project!
So, I know you must be wondering, what the heck does auctioning off a jacket
to benefit Wounded Warrior have to do with cookies, Janet? Well, I'm glad
you asked because I have been dying to tell you about the wonderful people at
Edible Printing! You see, after my friend David used them for cookies he
created, I decided to use them for the logo cookies to announce my move
to etsy for my Oui, Sugar! on-line marketplace... And, I'm so glad I did!
The process of ordering images couldn't be easier and every question
is always answered quickly and courteously. The people at Edible
Printing are definitely in the problem solving business and I love that!
Also, I've priced out printing my own edible images and even figuring in
the cost of shipping, ordering edible images from Edible Printing is much
less expensive! I'm making them my go-to for edible images going forward
and I suggest that you do too! Which brings me to the point of talking about
cookies related to the leather jacket! You see, I wanted to thank the sweet
team at Indian Motorcycle that reached out to me to help them promote
their Hometown Hero campaign... So I thought, what better way than to
send them some of my decorated sugar cookies sporting their logos!
And, when I told my friends at Edible Printing what I was up to,
and why... They offered to donate the edible image logos I needed!
By the way, I'm so happy to tell you that as of this afternoon, the auction
for the jacket broke $300! Supporting Wounded Warrior Project is
really important to me so my wish is for bidding to exceed the retail
value of the jacket! While I have your attention, I would really appreciate
it if you would take a minute to visit the Wounded Warrior Project
website to read about some of our wounded warriors and they families
and all of the great work Wounded Warrior Project is doing to heal
the most deserving among us. Whatever you can donate matters!


  1. I hope that it goes really well and raises lots of money for this cause. xx

  2. What a great cause to support! The military needs all the love we can send...financially or otherwise! Good Luck and I hope it does well.

    Hearts and Toodles, Barbi

  3. Janet, I'm so glad you've decided to use Edible Printing as a source for your cookie images. I do love their quality and service.

    And what wonderful cookies for a great cause you've created!!! I hope this auction goes well and the Wounded Warrior Project benefits from it.

    All the Best!!


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