Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day... We are Grateful and we Remember

A customer service representative from Macy*s yesterday wished
me a Happy Memorial Day. I told her she should consider wishing
her customers a Grateful Memorial Day instead and, from now on...
This weekend and every day our family remembers all of our
fallen heroes but especially those who served with our Ranger...
And, Cpl. Benjamin C. Dillon, to whom our Ranger
dedicated his training. We remember them and all the men and
women who made the supreme sacrifice. May they rest in God's perfect
peace and may their families always know exactly how grateful we are!


  1. Sgt. Gerald K. Needham, USMC, Korean War

  2. Thank You for this post. So many have given their lives for their country and the least we can do is remember their supreme sacrifice on Memorial Day. Thanks to all the military for dedicating their time to our country for our continued freedom and safety.

  3. As a fellow Army wife I appreciate the grateful memorial day comment. People often think memorial day and veterans day are the same but they are soooo different. May we never forget!
    Christina Marie


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