Sunday, October 28, 2012

We got an address today!

Our Trader Joe's opened just in time! Ranger sent us an address today
so I'm busy packing up the first set of boxes to him and his battle buddies!
Oh, how I wish I could just wiggle my nose and all of this would just magically
appear into their hands. As it is, mail takes a good two week... Nevertheless, as
impatient as I am, they are just thrilled to get a little something from home!


  1. Hi Janet!
    Oh I can't believe you are writing about three things that I talked about today...
    Trader Joe's... just explained this store to my Dad, who is now staying with us...
    love that place! They recently opened here and they are always busy!
    Your beautiful yard {which I mentioned to my husband... how perfectly lovely it is...} and there it was in your last post!
    and ... your son...
    Just mentioned him too... this afternoon. I told Chris that I wanted to make sure I stopped over to your blog to tell you that I still keep Brandon in my prayers every morning during the Pledge.

    Blessings to you always, Janet!

  2. The Rangers' battle buddies are truly blessed to have you sending such goodies. I'm sure it is the highlight of their day when Brandon receives your package. You are the most caring loving person I know. Those guys are gonna love all you do for them as well. You are a blessing to so many people and I love how you can brighten a person's day with your posts.

  3. They will love it, Janet! You put so much love into everything you do!!


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