Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday...

Named for your grandpa... You are sensitive, smart, funny,
kind, and yes... Even at twenty-one, you are still my baby!
Born today, and brought home on Valentine's Day to meet your big
brother who was so eager to help with your care, and protect you...
Today we Celebrate sweet you, and give thanks to your
big brother who is currently deployed in defense of us all!


  1. Very sweet pictures. Although my boys are only 5 and 7, the time is going way too fast. Thanks for sharing. And I hope he had a great 21st birthday.

  2. What sweet pictures! So cute!! Happy Birthday William (albeit late)hope you had a wonderful day! I hope the Ranger makes it home soon!!

    Happy VD Janet.

  3. Hi Janet, these pictures are priceless. Look at your oldest son standing by his little baby brother. He looks like he is standing guard and protecting him. Was this his life map to protect all that is dear to him? Military life was just waiting for him to grow. Maybe?????
    Love your posts, food, cookies and life. Thanks for sharing.


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